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What Happened to T-Nation?


This is terrible. These used to be my favorite forums on the web, before half the forums got erased. Won't be coming here close to as often anymore


Forums erased? We have more subforums now than ever.

Have you checked the "Edit Visible Forums" link in your Hub? (You can find it in your Hub as an option below your profile picture.)


We simply rearranged the forums a bit. Yes, we are putting more emphasis on our core-industry categories, but you can still access all the forum categories via the site navigation.


Not sure if you're done with the new updates, but the changes have made it slightly more difficult to negotiate the site on an iPad.

I was able to get to Get a Life by googling T-Nation and get a life. The drop down options do not usually work with the iPad.


Also the forums main page no longer has GAL and SAMA in it, not a big deal just sayin


It does seem there are a couple of bugs going on. And it went back to reporting me as a level 3 instead of a level 5.


A couple of bugs in the drop-down menu in Google Chrome - Word overlap, but links work. I like the change.


You will be missed. Wait, who are you?


Like most updates, you'll need to hard refresh (shift + refresh) to get the latest style updates.


Ha hah!


Maybe I'm missing something, but GAL and the training logs DO NOT come up on the main forum page, even after I checked my hub and had them on visible access. This new layout is pretty confusing/awful, and I imagine ya'll are going to lose a lot of customers without some quick patchwork.


Yeah, the site is seriously fucked up right now. Navigating it is near impossible.


Calm down, everyone.

Sheesh, it's amazing half of you can find your way to work everyday if you can't even navigate through a website.


I assume you access the site using a PC or some other mouse supported interface. I do too usually but when I access it non my Droid it is nearly impossible to access the sub forums that require a mouse-over to bring the drop down menus up. This is a problem for all touxhscreen devices. It is simply amazing to me with the proliferation of this technology that this sort of oversight could happen. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt and assume it is me who is doing something wrong but the more I are otherbpeoplw complain about the same issue, the leas understanding I become


It sucks to use side streets when you had a perfectly good highway




eh,.. there's been a lot of changes over the years, and while the first few days may have the odd glitch here and there, they always get worked out, and within a week or two, everyone forgets that anything is different.

I've got bigger issues to whine about :slightly_smiling:




Damn skinny kids with their partial reps and huge egos!



Never knew that, Clicking Shift + F5 fixed my overlap issue.