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What Happened to 'Shut Up and Lift?'


whatever happened to shut up and lift? instead it seems like every fucker on here is busy complaining about how they can't lift. I don't care if your genetic limit naturally is 200lbs. or 300lbs, just get in there and put in some fucking effort.

instead we have skinny shits talking about how 160 is a great weight and how they would rather be sucking cock than actually putting in some REAL effort in the gym. working up a sweat, getting a little dizzy, questioning WHY THE FUCK they are doing these torturous exercises and then continuing on for another 3 sets.

instead these people need 100 different ways to do a simple exercise, a nutrition plan accurate to the nearest 1 calorie (not Kcal, calorie), and yet they will then half ass it, blame others progress on drugs/better program/better genetics and never look themselves in the mirror and blame themselves.

Sure there might be a better program, they might have worse genetics (but in reality are probably within the same fraction of that bell curve), and sure AAS is goint to help those that are already training hard. But really it just comes down to guys making no progress and only having themselves to blame.

this forum used to be a wealth of knowledge, now it is just a fucking toilet. later.


Let's see. You've only been here since August, but you're bitching and moaning about the way things used to be? You've seen this go from a forum with a "wealth of knowledge" to a "fucking toilet" in a month? Brilliant 16th post, absolutely fucking brilliant.


PCT gone wrong.


Ex-lurker? I am.


Not to mention only 1 year training ! (check profile)

Although validity is in question with the OP , his premise is somewhat accurate.


This forum has, and always will be better than most.

There are plenty of folks who know what the fuck they're talking about but many more who don't have a clue.

Learn who to listen to and learn to selectively read and you'll be okay.




You'd have to be brain dead moron to not notice the knowledge here and focus on the bullshit.


granite... so shut the fuck up and go lift...


My advice...


It's right here, all 42 pages of it:


Another win for the 2009 class.
I honestly love these people who feel like people care that they are leaving the forums after one month of membership and 16 posts




lmao captain planet

that pic is to funny dude


The "shut up and lift" crowd is underrepresented on the forums due to their propensity to shut up and lift.




good one


Heh heh.

You know it's bad when one '09er bashes another '09er.