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What Happened to Satch?


Anyone know the real deal with what happened to him? PM only please!!


Uh satchboogie or satchsquach (sp?) from this board. Not to be noisy but if it was the second and it's something bad then please pm me as well, he's a nice guy. The first one I only know by name. Also seems like a good dude.


Satchboogie went scammer.

No need for PMs or secrecy.

He was a dude who used to sell steroids, and basically took all the money he had for the last couple of months, didn't send anyone their steroids, and scammed everyone out of cash.


AR is right, he did. I referred a friend to him b/c of his ridiculously low prices. My buddy needed some winstrol and he said he had some 20mL 125mg/ml left for only $75 (shit and like HGH kits for like $200) My buddy sent off for 4 winstrols (Western Union, of course), and never saw or heard from Satch again. He had a hushmail acct if I do recall correctly.. Such horseshit.. What can ya do?





There are even rumors that the last bunch of orders he sent out contained fake GTP products.


EXACTLY, i have to give the guy credit though, he had some sort of mind control over his customer base, convincing them he was doing them a favor by charging twice as much for the same products, and those were his "specials" , LOL


Shit was too expensive, and too high of a minimum


i didn't know satchboogie was on this board.


that sucks. and he had a pretty solid reputation on a few boards, too. :-\


He was a good salesman. There were boards when your posts would get yanked if you questioned him in the slightest. They even yanked a few right when he turned scammer, before realized he in fact was just that.




good thing i don't deal with dudes like that!


He did not go scam he went to jail! came from a very very very good source


He in fact did turn scammer this coming from a person who was a business associate with him and talked directly to him via phone daily... He did however get arrested but for non steroid related charges...

To the bros who say they would have never dealt with a person like this I will say he was the most trusted source on the net thats why he could charge what he did... Bro was makin a killin and driving Ferrari's... I think problems in his social life drove him to do what he did...


GO the fuck away. He is a scammer. He put emails out after he turned telling everyone to fuck off. I bet your a scammer too. Even his most trusted friends have finally acknowledged that he flipped. It's scary out there, buyer beware!



I'll say it again.........fuckim.


He lasted a lot longer than a whole lot of people and had a good rep for a long time. Guess he couldn't just get out, had to go the scammer route instead.

Story as old as the Internet.