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What Happened To Posting Our Pics?

Wasn’t there something like a month ago where a ton of us agreed to workout hard and regular for one month, then post our pictures? I think part of the point was to see what a person can accomplish, and to put names with faces. What happened to that post? I think that one month was up two days ago.

You mean, this one?:


There was also this one (that I personally liked better) about a strength challenge:


I thought the date was april 23rd.

I think the OP suggested 4/28. I think “rounding” that to May 1 makes it easier to remember.

As the day gets closer, I expect the OP will start a “Put up or shut up” thread.

Yeah, it was:
Oh well, I was mistaken with the date. But, hey, if I’ve got another month I can keep at what I’m doing to show some REAL results. Cool.