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What Happened to Novagreg?


What the hell ever happened to that guy?!

Remember when he was all like "Gay gay gay, I'll show you all, gay gay gay"? What happened to that?


this guy?




This guy?


Last I know of him he was working in the Physique Clinic.

I hope he is well and doing good and succeeding in all that he is trying for.


Oh hell, new avatar for me!


not "new tattoo"?


The rest of you suck for not knowing who i'm talking about.

OG, that was like three years ago. I was totally in his corner when people started ganging up on him, but I'm pretty sure at this point we can say that he didn't follow through


I really was rooting for that dude too but toward the end I'm pretty sure he quit or was lying about what he was doing. He lost little to no weight compaired to Bartl, I just can't see how one guy to do so much and the other do so little. Still, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say the program wasn't right for him. Best of luck FWIW.


It was acytually a little funny. I mean one one hand you had a fat guy who was losing all this weight, changing his life etc.
And then at the same time you had this OTHER fat dude who looked almost exactly the same as the weeks went by. Then he gets pissed off when people call him out? Kind of a douche imo. No offense meant to him, but come on...


I just checked his profile and he does still log on. I think it would be great if he came back and looked great. I hope he dialed it in and achieved his goals.


so can we deny or confirm that he is not a scaly man fish?


We can confirm he is not a scaly man fish.


I want him to come back and look great and be happy and have achieved his goals.


You are always nice :slight_smile: "It's not that we get beaten down but how often we pick ourselves back up and fight again".

Maybe a PM to him might help? I must admit I did not follow his PC transformation but I'm reading the thread now.


I like your suggestion, I will give him a PM. He took a big risk and I hope he is doing well.


Man, what happened to a lot of people... Phill, Modi, and about a billion others. Let's just start naming people we miss.


rainjack, AA,


Wasn't there some guy who's every post, almost, was about him falling off the lifting wagon again and wanting to get back on?


analog_kid. RIP


What happned to Aleksander??.. lol.. me and that guy would flame each other for days straight i remember but we turned out to be friends in the end.lol .... also what happend to live@313 or something like that,,, he wanted to be a pornstar.lol