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What Happened to My Tears


underneath the sofa, sorry.


Oh hai meat, pleasure to meet you. nom nom nom nom nom


shedding a couple tears over some chickens? weeeeaaak

go back to california you long haired, pot smoking, liberal pussy! (everyone knows all californians are like that)


I dropped a couple tears...



I'm party of PETA, the real PETA -- People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. And, I can tell you that the other PETA paid a lot of people to do this stuff.


That's it! I'm never eating meat again today!


eating meet is good

agro-industry is not.


I can't wait for my turkey on Thanksgiving. And since I'm coming home from college we're having 10 pounds of beef ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken, pork ribs etc flown in from The County Line.


the only person that starts a sentence with 'not going to lie' is a teenage girl. im not surprised you cried.


We've been over this on these forums several times.

It's not necessary to cut meat out of your diet if you want to take a stance on animal cruelty.
Just don't buy from the feedlot/factory slaughterhouses. Buy grassfed and free-range meats instead.
Sure, they still kill the animals, but at least they're not suffering piss-poor living conditions and torture.
Good life + quick clean kill = clear conscience (unless you're a hippy who is against killing animals).

Nobody said you have to be an asshole to be a carnivore.


You eat meat ID? What an asshole! :slight_smile:


Fresh flesh? YESH!


Look at ID's avvie, he's gotta know about meat.

I eat meat but I just research the meat that I buy in the grocery or fast food. Not everyone who kills livestock are inhumane.
Wendy's for example, makes sure that they don't get their meat from slaughterhouses.
I know how many people here love their Stackers, so now you can eat it with a clear conscious :slight_smile:


By the way, after your done can you make me sammich, kthx pretty lady.



Good for you, Nik! Makin' good choices!

Also, I wasn't aware of Wendy's buying policy. That's awesome!