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what happened to michelle

I really miss her posts on the forum.

Demo Dick seems to have disappeared also.

They’re both quite alive and will occasionally “lurk” about the forum. They’ve also been very busy!

I miss their insightful presense as well here.

blush grin somebody missed me!!!

Actually, I look around the forum once in a while... a friend told me about this post, so I came to check it out. To be honest, for a while there was a lot of 'same shit different day' so I figured if I took a break for a while things would be fresh and new when I came back.

When my job situation settles down (and there acutally may be a light at the end of that particular tunnel soon) I hope to return - all bright eyed and fresh faced! *rolls eyes*

Of course, it's about time to start hitting the iron again too, alomst 8 months of unemployment / depression / um-motivated-ness has not been kind to me!!!

Thanks for the note, I appreciate it... don't you worry, my outspoken self will return someday soon.

Actually, I’m the “friend” that referred Michelle to this thread. I took my first real look at the forum in three weeks yesterday and came back today to check some responses.

Life can certainly get in the way of recreation. I've been working 50+ hours a week as a (don't laugh!) Personal Trainer and any spare time is devoted to remodeling the house, working the dog (Michelle and I got a pup a while back) and keeping the kitchen clean and the laundry folded. As you can probably tell, any spare time that I may have on my hands is usually spent crying in the corner while I chew on a towel and try not to soil myself. You're all very welcome for that particular image. :) Take care everyone.

Wait wait wait, Demo, baby, Chewing on a towel and attempting not to soil myself is just about my favoritest non-iron related activity. Where are your training out of now? And I haven’t heard from either of you concerning our NYC/Metro T-Cell. C’mon, join the club, it’s what the cool manimals are doin’. Look at Zev, he’s cool and he’s a member. Or Joel Marion, for example, sure he got molested by certain MM execs. But who hasn’t?! Then there’s John Roman, who is really a sock puppet. That’s right, you heard it here first! John Roman is a sock puppet! You guys should join. I love you. John loves you too even if he IS a sock puppet.

MBE: “It’s.Just.Getting.Worse. Since 1818.”


Good luck with the job situation Michelle. I know how bad it sucks. I think we got laid off at about the same time. Barring death or injury it is one of the hardest and most hummiliating things that can happen to a person. I hope it all turns out well for you.

Welcome back you lovebirds. I’m glad to see that Michelle has relegated Demo Dick to the corner. Now maybe she can get back to delivering my midnight pizzas.

thanks everyone… well, anyway, I’m taking some serious ‘before’ pictures this week. gag I will post them - but only when I can simultaneously post the ‘after’ pictures.

I'll know about the job on Friday - if I get it on Friday it's a three month contract, then it has the possibility of turning full time.

I have C# code bleeding out my ears....

Demo and Michelle, what’s up guys? How are things shaking besides working your asses off or looking for work? So we’ll get some before an after photos posted soon too? Cool deal. That’s what I like to see! Shit, if a short, bald, hairy, nipple pierced circus midget like myself has the balls to post, then everyone should feel free to do the same! LOL! Hit me up kids!

Ya, I would like to see Michelle and Demo back on the forum a little more regularly as well. They both always have interesting and insightful things to say.