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What Happened to Lonnie Lowery?

This guy talks the talk and walks the walk - not just some geek writing articles!

He posted 4 days ago on Charles Staley’s website.

I shared some emails with him last year. He is an RD too, one of the few who actually look healthy! LOL.

Scott, you get my PM? :wink:

Sorry Brick, no PMs but you can email me.

edit: It’s in my profile

[quote]Reef wrote:
IronWarrior24 wrote:
Bricknyce wrote:

I know how you feel. It caught me totally off guard too.

If you’re joking about this, you should be banned.[/quote]

I am joking. Sorry if my failed attempt at humor offended you guys.

That wasn’t even remotely funny.

Brick shoot me that email when you get the chance, I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

[quote]Scott M wrote:
That wasn’t even remotely funny.

You’re right. The part about him dying was not funny at all. I didn’t actually think anybody would believe me though, and I definitely didn’t think that you would actually look it up. That said, I shouldn’t have posted it and again, I apologize.

I can’t believe you would joke like that. LL is a great guy.

I was almost about to post on the ISSN listserv inquiring about this or email Doug Kalman about this.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
I can’t believe you would joke like that. LL is a great guy. [/quote]

I know he is. I respect him and his knowledge. In fact, I’ve quoted him on here before. I didn’t intend to disrespect him at all whatsoever. It was a joke in poor taste.

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Note: This thread was “cleaned up” as best as possible. If it could get back on track, rather than dwelling on a poor post that got through, that would be best.

We don’t need to encourage, or start, any internet rumors.

I’ll bounce an email or two every few months with LL. Lately, he has been doing a lot of school stuff. For those that don’t know, he is helping develope a department that deals with nutrition, but doesn’t crank out nutritionist in the mold of government food pyramids.

Also, from what I have seen, he is still doing some research and publishing articles.

Of course, he is trying to maintain a stable situation with his family.

I know earlier this year he tore his tricep doing deadlifts. Yes, his tricep (I had to ask about that). So, he has been recovering from that.

In a couple weeks, he’ll be at the Staley Summit in Phoenix. I’m trying to get up there for at least a day of that. I’ll try and catch up with him there if possible.

The man isn’t gone, just swamped.

He is currently doing research at the University of Akron regarding kidney health/function in conjunction with long term high protein diets.

I’m one of his subjects (high protein group).

If there is anyone in the northeast Ohio area that is interested in participating, please contact him. He is currently looking for people who eat both high or normal protein diets.


And Ian King…?