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What Happened to Levrone Acting?


I know a few years ago he lost alot of size to try and pursue an acting career in hollywood, but other than two movies which were horrible and went straight to DVD, did he give up? Where is he now?


Unfortunately it's not the 80s anymore. I wish it were too, but even a cut-down Levrone is too big for much more than playing henchmen.
I mean I had high hopes for The Rock after that fantastic movie "The Rundown" but it seems that the movie about a lone hero who's built is an antique now.


Maybe he just can't act. Or perhaps he has a shitty agent. Or it's possible he hasn't found a script/screenplay he likes.

And besides, he didn't just "lose" a lot of size. After retirement he purposefully dropped it to make himself more available and acceptable for screen roles.




Even if he could act, it isn't like you just decide to be in movies and suddenly you're in top billing shows across the world. Even some of the best known actors today started off in media that some would laugh at today. I mean, wasn't Morgan Freeman on the Electric Company?

Millions of people have moved to Hollywood to only end up as a waitress or nothing at all.

He may just need to settle for some crap roles for a while. Some of the current top names in movies couldn't get work until they got older and fit a different "look".


that video was so horrible lol


Haha. Obviously you're too young to remember that. :slight_smile:
I watched Electric Company when I was a kid. Morgan Freeman actually did some funny skits on there (while teaching reading basics). Even Rita Moreno was a regular on the show, as well as Joan Rivers (doing narration) and Gene Wilder.

It was like Sesame Street for older kids.


Check out a groovy Hendrix-like Morgan Freeman!

Morgan Freeman Gets Groovy on "The Electric Company" - watch more funny videos



Ct Rockula should dig this one:


That vid was classic 70's tv. It was in reruns by the time I came up and saw it and was the first time they showed Spiderman as a live actor on tv....which later led to his own live action tv show (low budget).....and then the movies.



Oh, and don't forget the $6.39 Man.

OMG, I'm just old enough to have caught the originals


I remember having to ask my dad to read Spidey's speech bubbles for me.


I used to love that show. (The $6 Million Man).
Also liked the Spider-Man TV show, Wonder Woman, S.W.A.T., and The Hulk with Lou Ferrigno. Oh, and reruns of Star Trek, of course.

I'd make myself get up extra early to catch reruns of Batman, and was too young to realize it was deliberately corny.

Great, now I feel old.