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What Happened To Jesus?

Does anybody have an idea on what and of the major church’s positions are on what happened to jesus during those missing years in the bible. from when he was a young child until his adulthood, nothing is really listed. I was once told it was believed that he went to china and india. there are supposedly striking similarities in his parables to those of ancient indian and chinese literature dating 1000 years before christ’s birth. anyone?

Aliens abducted him for a while… but that is hush hush…

“The Pagan Christ” by Tim Harpur would be some good reading…

Personally, I believe that Jesus lived a pretty ordinary (except for never sinning) life until His encounter with John the Baptist. I have heard suggestions that His parables are similar to eastern parables. However, rather than thinking that He must have traveled to India or someplace, I think it is much more likely that the parables share a common origin. If you believe the Bible literally, we are all decendants of Noah and his family. If God was communicating to Noah, I would hope that he would pass that along to his family and that some of that wisdom would survive over time (even in places like India and China).

Anyway, that is my perspective.

From what little we know (and I emphasize “little”), he most probably made furniture, observed the Law, and made the acquaintance of the Essenes.

jesus probably got himself involved with all sorts of radical, anti-Roman rebel groups like the zealots and above-mentioned essenes. jeshua bin josef’s legitimacy as “king of the jews” is established at the beginning of the gospel of st. matthew (“david begat…etc.”) additionally, I recommend the gnostic gospels (a collection of apochryphal gospels including the controversial gospel of st. thomas, possibly written by jesus himself) as well as the conspiracy theory masterpiece, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which details the bloodline of jesus (and thus king david of the isrealites and thus an offshoot of the pharonic kings of egypt) up to the present day.
as to the connection to eastern philosophies, king ashoka, one of the great unifiers of india, circa 500 BCE, converted to buddhism once he became emperor and sent missionaries as far west as damascus, alexanderia, antioch, and jerusalem. so he would not have needed to travel east during his 25+ unaccounted for years. an interesting note: the tibetan buddhists, when first encountering christianity, immediately described it as an “incomplete buddhism.”

Read “Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” by Christopher Moore. While it may or may not be true, it’s very entertaining!

some interesting replies, anybody else.
I will check out that pagan book.

I’m pretty sure that he works at the local Burger King.

The period of life that he dissapeared allways seemed to me to be the mandatory “Study, live and develop” time people need to advance beyond their peers. I dont think he spontaneously developed his views.

I would be alot more interested in what he did AFTER the ressurection?

Read “Behold the man” by Michael Moocook.
That book explains alot. Missing years, miracles etc, etc

I think alot of devout christians will disagree with the book though.

he went off to live with the dinosaurs for awhile …

they didnt get a single mention in the bible either, but you dont hear anyone complaining about that, do you?