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What Happened to Jacked Athlete? Need Weeks 9-12

I am 8 weeks into the Jacked Athlete 31 program and it seems it’s been pulled from all the websites. Is it only available for purchase? If so, where?

It’s been an amazing program and I’ve learned a lot about my own limits. The cluster training has skyrocketed my squat and deadlift and I really enjoyed the outside gym work. Need to access weeks 9-12!

Ouch yes that dissapear… maybe some issues with new website? @Christian_Thibaudeau

New website looks great; but yes I couldn’t find any of CTs articles that used to be in the Blog section :frowning:

Sorry. The blog articles are there but the section has been named Knowledge, and that section is in the area called “Get More”

Yeah but some articles are now blank…

Difficult to find much on the revamped site. :confused:

Indeed. If you search for it on google you can find the link to it, but yes it is blank. Even if you try to see it in caché memory you can not see it.
I guess that maybe if someone here remind those weeks or have the program saved on a hard drive…

Is this what you all are looking for?

It should be back up.

When we changed site, some of the material didn’t transfer well.

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Yes, all good now. Thank you.