What Happened To Ian King

Marc, I much prefer the Get Buffed series. The Book of Muscle is however, much prettier, with color pictures and a ton of exercise descriptions and more beginner oriented workouts. I got a copy for my dad, who is much more of a beginner than I.

The Get Buffed series has no pictures and very little fluff. The Get Buffed books build on each other… Most of the things he covers in Get Buffed I you can find on this site, but once you get to the second book, he starts to get more in detail with things like flexibility and control drills, and much deeper into program design. I highly recommend. You can’t order Get Buffed II and III here… you have to go to kingsports.net

Ian is still active in the industry.
He is doing less per se. He does have a new website

He is very active in that site

worth every $!!!

I haven’t subscribed to his site yet, but I have also heard a lot of good things about it. I’ve also heard that his multi-day seminars (he calls them boot camps) are extremely good.