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What Happened To Ian King


Whatever happened to Ian King's contributions to the site? I loved his perspective of prioritizing injury prevention, and you can't help but respect a guy who scoffs at following trends and creates his own system based purely on results. Any fellow King supporters out there?



Good question, I'd be curious to know as well. I know people go their seperate ways for various reasons but id be interestd to know what happened as well... Maybe he will make a return like Poliquin has :slightly_smiling:


I am currently (re)going over his back health stuff. I love it and should have kept doing it, just like he said. I would love to see another article by him on keeping the body healthy. Everyone will read it and need it, at some point or another.

His insite and free info on tissue health should always be encouraged here.


He got hosed.


I don't know what happened to him. Maybe he's too busy. There are plenty of other good writers for the site in the meantime. :wink:


The good news is that he has a TON of educational material through his site, kingsports.net. I just got all 3 Get Buffed books, and damn are they good. I think what I like best about Ian is how thorough and comprehensive his methods are. He is so multidimensional in his approach that it seems a trainee can't help but not only get stronger, but more flexible, more balanced, and with better joint control/mobility.

The articles he's written for T-mag don't even scratch the surface of what this guy has to offer.

Chris and TC, BRING IAN BACK!!!


LOL! That was me on the bench during the Biotest/T-Mag seminar in 2000. Word!


You've grown since then.


Were you able to eke out all five reps with that empty bar, or was that your 3 rep max.

Thank you,


Five reps? 3? Are you kidding me? I did my 1RM with that bar.

It hurt.


I saw that picture on his website. Was he teaching you anything interesting?

As a side note, your post made me curious. How much have you progressed over the five years since that picture was taken?

It would be interesting to see the numbers of some of the guys that have been reading this site and working out for that long.


I am currently doing his Limping series for legs. I have really enjoyed his programs as they have really changed up what used to be pretty routine programs.

The tempo contrasts are the real killer for me. I keep having to use a lot less weight than I am used to in order to keep some of the slower eccentrics.

As I write this, I am massaging my quads from the first day of the second three week program for the Limping series. Squats...squats...and more squats. I can barely walk!!! :slight_smile:


I don't remember exactly what he was going over. I think it was proper technique on the bench press. He prefers the elbows-tucked version. I switched to that after the seminar.

For an update on my progress, read the "Nate Dogg in Training" thread in the Physique/Photo forum. It shows the last several months as well as photos that go back many years showing my progress and what I did, how I looked, etc.


I read a while back that he was taking a break from his career to spend some time quality time with family and stuff. That was actualy prety recent. It was some time around the earlier part of this year that I read that here.


I was also at that seminar. The line-up of speakers was rock solid. Personally, I have made the most progress with my body composition. JB was there dropping some serious knowledge. Ian King was also phenomenal. I would like to attend one of his multi-day bootcamps. Bill Roberts was also there, as well as Brian Batchledor. I know that Bill pops up here and there, but I wonder what happened to Brian. Anyone?


He still responds to his PM on T-Nation, so why don't you guys give him a holler to see what's up?


Which explains the empty bar!


I'm just kidding.


Which is crazy because I dont think that there is another author who has more articles on this site published then him.

BTW: How does Get Buffed compare to the Muscle Book?


Muscle Book is much better. Better workouts, more info on training and nutrition and lists/descriptions/photos of exercises.


Very well said jumper. I also believe this is where Ian's programs excel. I don't think it is possible to get through one of his programs without having a better overall understanding of the mechanics of lifting and program design.

I wouldn't mind seeing the King reenter the building.


Thanks for the feedback.