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What Happened to Dru Hill?


What happened to this group? Or mainly Sisqo....


Performing the title track to Wild, Wild West happened to Sisqo. I don't think he released another hit after the movie bombed. Weirdly, Will Smith carried on unaffected by it all.

Sisqo popped up last year on U.K. Celebrity Big Brother.


He had one too many thong-thong-thong-thong-thongs ?


Sisqo is still hiding in the closet with a bottle of peroxide praying the his be break in the movies....


This is like going to a Brooks and Dunn forum and asking what happened to Craig Mack?

To be honest, I have no idea. They peaked around 1997.


^ And for those in the class that have no clue who Craig Mack was...think Pre-Biggie


this is the video that ruined sisqo some say it is the worst music video ever and one of the most expenisve


Damn, I had erased that from my memory. lol


Sisqo was half the reason I had took the peroxide to my hair.


Youre right. I should have known few would know what DH was on here lol

Remember that song from Soul Food?


Not possible....


Damn it, Roy. That movie and song were also traumatic memories!!!!






It's all in the timing: Sisqo must have been commercially at the top of his game to be asked to duet with Will Smith on the title track of a top-of-his-game Will Smith movie. If I recall, the song was pretty successful. The movie wasn't. Will Smith performed on the title track and played the lead in the movie, but Sisqo's career died after the movie was released even though he wasn't in it.

Work that one out.


I hate you, Roy.


Time to put Sisqo to rest then.

Ashes to Ashes


LOL. Don't give Sisqo's career a premature burial. He's only 32 isn't he? Not over the (Dru) hill yet....plenty of time for a comeback.


and the vitals begin to show activity....

Thanks Roy, for showing me how to hope again....