What happened to Charles?

What happened with Charles and T-mag?

Could someone let me know because I’m clueless.


I’m assuming you mean Charles Poliquin, not Charles Staley. Yeh, it’s weird…I was out mowing my yard today thinking the exact same thing.

They parted ways. No big deal. Besides this is old news, even as old as “what happened to MM2K?”

Except it’s well documented throughout the site what happened with MM2k. But that along with Charles was before my time.

There was a very spurr-of-the-moment Q&A with TC a month ago or thereabouts in which he addressed this issue. As best as I can remember his response was he is still a fan of Coach Poliquin. The split occurred over some issue that TC doesn’t fully understand which greatly raised Poliquin’s ire. He always planned to set up his own site but leaving on bad terms was totally unexpected- it’s Poliquin who severed all ties. According to TC, this type of behavior is consistent with Poliquin’s past- he reportedly takes offense very easily. That’s about that all that was revealed by TC.

Either way, I agree that’s is shame he left. I always like reading his stuff as much if not more than any other author and I’m sure many of the contributing staff writers do too.

Rob Monti