What Happened to Carb Countdown?

I have been enjoying Hood Carb Countdown milk for several months. I just looked at the new cartons I bought and compared them to the 2 I had in the fridge from last week. The protein count per serving has been reduced from 12 grams to 8 grams in all flavors. Additionally the chocolate now has one more gram of fat and an extra 2 grams of carbs.

Interesting… 1/3 less protein per serving, more carbs and fat, and still the same price. Looking at the ingredients it appears that the whey protein is no longer in the ingredients. Not a good change.

haha hey man the SAME thing happened to me! I was a huge fan of the chocolate kind and one day, bought another one, and once I came home and was about to make myself somethin I discovered the differences as! If you really think about it, it is a very minor alteration but D A M N it really pissed me off when I saw that they had taken the whey out of it. I am sad to say I shall no longer be an avid customer.