What Happened to Brock Strasser

I’ve been reading T-mag for quite a long time now, and was just curious what ever happened to Brock, and if he writes for anybody now? I do miss Strasseroids.

And yes, I know he also went by the name of Bruce Kneller.

[quote]humanator wrote:
And yes, I know he also went by the name of Bruce Kneller.[/quote]

Brock, Bruce, whatever - I’m with you humanator - always enjoyed his articles.

Was wondering myself. Brock was great

doesnt Bruce kneller write for muscular deveolpment? I am almost positive I have seen plenty of article from him. most recently on pro-steroids like m1t

Brock also tested one of the most famous (or infamous) of all T-Nation diets: the Fat Fast. His success with it led many people (myself included) to try it.

TC, Cy, Chris - Can you tell us what happened to Brock and “Strasseroids”?


But why does he not write for t-nation. he was a fun read

He doesn’t even write for MD anymore. He does a fake ad version in it’s place for Gaspari Nutrition using the same name as the old column.

They’ll never tell you anything. lol. I think he was pissed about getting boxed out of MAG-10. I don’t think he was making any money other than for writing articles, so he booked at the end of the year when his gig was up. But that’s just my opinion… lol

Brock got poped he was running one of the bigest UGL around…RSC

Looks like he got himself arrested: http://cbs4boston.com/topstories/local_story_052091821.html

What a shame. I saw this earlier on another board. It’s scary to me how this guy seemed to be doing ok, lots of publicity, wrote for several pretty good companies and yet he still had to sell shit to make any money. I am curious to see all the details of this come out. That’s a shame if it was RSC. I never got to try their stuff, but I always wanted to.


Brock Strasser
12:00 AM

"Useful Stuff
Edgy and applicable info on just about everything
by Brock Strasser

A: …My favorite trenbolone acetate product is made by Red Star of China…"


Brock Strasser: “In this age of the Internet, we?ve seen a plethora of “e-sources” come and go. Most of them “go” into retirement not of their own volition, but because they?re popped by law enforcement. In truth, most of them are popped for being incredibly stupid and na?ve. They don?t think they?ll get caught. But as the more intelligent ones know, it?s not if, but merely a matter of when. Eventually we all roll a seven or an eleven in the craps game called steroid dealing.”

From the interview with GAC dated 4/6/01

That quote says it all.

By the way, did anyone notice Brock lives in Canton, Mass., about 4 miles from where Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were arrested two months ago? Thought that was interesting, seeing news reporters covering the two stories standing in front of the same Canton courthouse.

bruce kneller / brock strasser / gac / rsoc arrested for drug and firearms charges. Sad to see but the reality is the game is just too dangerous anymore, i suggest to most of my friends to do what i did and start working with a specialist asap that will agree to legally provide test replacement and keep you in the high normal range. Of course those of you that compete at the extreme levels of the sport just have to do what you have to do i wish you all the best of luck. Bruce had a bad habit of choosing poor business partners so who knows what could have happened.

Is it for sure that RSOC went down?

Well I just saw the vid in the link…
that answers that…

I have seen a couple of sources that are reporting the feds have a full customer list. If anyone got stuff from these guys you might wanna clean up!