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What Happened Last Night?

I Know for sure I did not dream this,

This is possibly the most scared I have ver been!

I woke up in bed in the middle of the night around 3am I was 100% awake but I could not move at all, I could not open my eyes or even my mouth to speak.

This lasted for about 3 minutes I was totally paralised and in that 3 minutes I managed to think about so much shit like ‘maybe I am dead’ ‘am I permanatly paralised’ and basically ‘how the fuck can I snap out of this’

I was putting all my energy and concentration into moving my hand, when my wife rolled over in bed and hugged me, this somehow brought me right out of the paralised state, I felt a funny kind of pins and needles almost all over afterwards.

I did not dream it becuase I got up for a while after.

I did not drink or take any drugs the day/night before

How weird is that!

Sounds like a case of sleep paralysis mate.

There are hormones released when you go to sleep that relax muscles etc. and if these hormones are released too quickly you can be awake and yet not able to move.

The same can happen when you wake up - if the hormones haven’t been used up and are still flooding your body then exactly what you have described can happen.

It’s not actually anything to worry about but I believe it can be very scary indeed.

If it starts happening regularly then there are drugs that can be used to relieve symptoms but if you’ve never experienced it before then the chances are that you were woken up by some external influence (maybe a noise or whatever) at the time when these hormones were at a maximum in your body.

You think thats scary?

I woke up and couldnt move, all I could do is look around, for like 5 minutes I couldnt move at all, I finaly got my self to get up by thinking it through. But no one was in my house, my family was gone in the middle or the night and I felt someone was watching me.

I then realized I was still in bed and still couldnt move, I thought it through again and finaly got up.

It was bad…

Tha happens to me sometimes. What I do is hold my breath, and after a few moments, with a thumping heart and gasping lungs, I get to move.

More info here…


Undeadlift - does it go away if you don’t do the holding your breath thing? I’m just wondering if you are simply giving your body enough time to dump the hormones that cause the paralysis.

I’ve had it happen a couple of times, but not as intensely as you. It’s basically your brain’s way to stop you from acting out your dreams.

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They are all wrong. It was alien abduction.

[quote]hoosegow wrote:
They are all wrong. It was alien abduction. [/quote]

Nope, succubus.

Thanks a lot for all the info and links guys.

I feel a lot better knowing that this is not totally abnormal, I have never really heard of sleep paralysis or apnea.

Now that you mention alien abduction my butthole is a little loose this morning…

Cheers again

really appreciate it

Happened to me when I slept through Humanities class all the time. I thought maybe it was some kind of hidden messgae from the gods to get an education. Very scary though.

When I was little I was playing on the playground and my buddy pushed me off the jungle gym. When I landed I couldn’t move at all just like you said.

All I could do was barely manage a “get help”. By the time the school nurse got there I could move again.

Odd shit man, and never happened again. So I feel your freaked-out-ness but maybe like me it was a once in a life time thing.

Makes you realize how greatful you are to be able to walk around or just to move your head huh?

I’ve never suffered this before but I’ve had two girlfriends who have.

One was completely convinced that it was the incubus. A demon that attempts to rape women in their sleep. Succubus for men.

She was kinda crazy though.

[quote]hoosegow wrote:
They are all wrong. It was alien abduction. [/quote]


I went through a period in my teens and twenties when this occurred quite often. The first time it happened in my early teens it was quite terrifying. I felt like I was awake but paralyzed and I felt like something, I don’t know what, was right next to my bed. I wanted to call out for help, but couldn’t and could even see the light of the hallway coming under my door.

As I got older and they would occur I knew they were a dream or night terror and would have to talk myself through them. They always happened during times of extreme fatigue for me. They very rarely happen any more and I attribute that to my life being quite a bit more regimented in terms of adequate sleep and less stress then when I was younger.


That is a) normal and b) probably the reason for night mare, succubus and abduction stories.

Sometimes people in this condition just “know” that somebody is watching them or whispering.

Probably only a mechanism that safed little monkey from falling down trees during sleep in the beginning.

Last night I woke up at like 1:30 and my mind instantly began racing. All I could think about was politics. I considered going to the world issues forum and starting some shit but I fell back asleep.

Anywho…sleep paralysis is a bitch. I rarely get it every once and again. Usually just my arm or something. I’ll grab it and start shaking it and it’s like my wrist is broke. Probably not so good for my wrist.

shit… now that i have heard of this i know it is going to happen to me… im scared…

you will be a lot less scared knowing what it might be when it happens!

I really thought I had died for a while!

Thanks again to all for the help and links I think mine was due to cathing sparse amounts of sleep over a few days and a bit of stress too.

[quote]meangenes wrote:
I’ve never suffered this before but I’ve had two girlfriends who have.


Two girlfriends that couldn’t move and just laid there…yeah…um…got it…

[quote]electric_eales wrote:
Thanks a lot for all the info and links guys.

I feel a lot better knowing that this is not totally abnormal, I have never really heard of sleep paralysis or apnea.

Someone’s never read Moby Dick…