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What Happened in Portland, Maine?

I don’t think so. I think she is being genuine.

Polite conservatives are partly to blame, and Maine is polite in general. She’s likely to have never had anyone call her out on rhetoric like that prior to holding elected office. Woke circles often shun those not in the cult.

That’s why it is important for conservatives to stop worrying about offending people and start calling out CRT Marxists as the radical, hateful and short-sighted social arsonists that they are.

With any luck a few cult members might make it out to join the ranks of polite and productive society.

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Actually, it makes perfect sense. Think of it as Lenin’s statement that “the capitalists will sell you the rope you’ll hang them with”.

Many people I’ve had the misfortune to meet in KSA were somewhat puzzled by this permissible attitude of the infidels and their apparent eagerness to let the faithful shit all over them.

But at the end it’s met with a collective shrug and the apparent stupidity of the infidel and his willingness for prostrating himself is attributed to divine providence - namely, one more weapon in the arsenal of the faithful.

Judging by her writing, I doubt she even knows what hyperbole means.

How likely is she to have had a run in with the KKK? It’s almost comical how someone who came from a place where people like her are subjugated, raped, mutilated, by people who look like her, somehow ends up hating white people, who did nothing more than give her freedom.

I can’t speak for her but the only whites-only group I’ve ever interacted with in Maine are Hell’s Angels. I know of no racist or neo-Nazi groups operating on a social or political level aside from them.

Oddly, I’ve never heard of a woke civil rights crusader ever going after the Hells Angels. I wonder why?

She’s lived life in one of the most polite and peaceful corners of the world, same as everyone else who lives in Maine. The most-maligned population of people you hear about in common conversation are Massholes.

They might be cute like the hippo, but polite I don’t think so.


I find this profoundly irritating. Particularly if one is to immediately resort to dismissing alternate ideologies as disingenuous and disassociating just because they dislike another vested conceptualisation of perceived societal ideation.

There are many who pander towards moral superiority based upon individualistic perception of said moral superiority (many a-times associated with a flawed narrative). The second I come in and say “hey… you know that Hitler guy was a bad egg, but comparing those who have abortions to Hitler? Hitler killed millions, a foolish teenager isn’t murdering anyone from my perspe–…” annnnnnnndd the person I’m discoursing with gives me a fowl look and shuts off/resorts to asking if I support murder. This relates to a conversation I had with an individual who genuinely thought getting an abortion = having the moral compass of Adolf Hitler.

I actually thought you were talking about Ilan Omar in this post (skimming around). A similar, yet strange dogmatic presence of ignorance prevails within much of the “free Palestine” community/movement of which is unfortunately infesting my university grounds.

I understand historically a semblance of wrongdoing may be present from both sides at times, yet I cannot for the life of me understand why so many of the left wing wish for the PLA or Hamas to be in power. You speak of racial diversity, advocacy for woman’s rights, LGBTQI rights, freedom of speech/choice (so long as it fits your narrative), reproductive rights, social equity, occasionally marxism or Communism (shudders). Yet you pander towards and advocate for two organisations, one of which is designated as a terrorist organisation and both of which is steeped in fiercely, hardcore societally conservative ideology. The PLA/Hamas go against the grain of everything the woke crowd believes in terms of LGBTQI rights, womens rights, freedom of speech/choice (yet it’s Isreal conducting media censorship despite the fact they allow anti Israel outlets to operate on their soil), freedom of relgion and more.

I can’t wrap my head around why so many are advocating for a blatantly non democratic and arguably extremist regime to be in power, one of which advocates for shariah law to be imposed. Not saying Isreal is perfect, though I generally refrain from criticising Isreal despite having legitimate qualms as there is such a discrepancy/bias present within the media/mainstream society at the moment. If I, as a jew start to criticise Isreal I worry others will resort to thinking “see, even a Jew has criticisms, down with Isreal!”

But acting as if the PLA or Hamas are composed of saints… haaaaaaaaaaaaa

I’ve never been able to tell whether people like Ilan Omar or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are serious with half the shit they say. I’ve wondered as to whether deep seeded anti-semitism and anti-Americanism may legitimately be present, or their dogmatic comments are merely steeped in ignorance.

Somehow I doubt the latter to be true, at least not for Ilan Omar. I can’t imagine Omar would preferably be back in Somalia. I can understand having reservations about sociocultural normalities in the US, yet the way certain people speak of various politically charged topics you’d think Aus/US society equates to Saudi Arabia.

I’ve spoken about this discrepancy before by those needlessly highlighting various issues like systemic sexism (of which tbh really isn’t the biggest issue in Aus right now) and I get the response “but thats their culture”. So making jokes in Aus is totally unacceptable but female genital mutilation, requiring a woman to be with a man in order to leave the house… that’s acceptable under the guise of “culture”?


Calling an abortion murder is incorrect in that murder is unjustified killing. Abortion is justified killing because we have rights to bodily autonomy (at least according to the supreme court).

Now aside from the supreme court saying so, I think there are very good reasons to support the right to bodily autonomy. I haven’t met a person who supports violating bodily autonomy rights, except in the case of abortion (and well I guess for inmates it is deemed okay). They are guilty of inconsistent thinking. They think every other case of violating bodily autonomy rights is wrong, but with abortion it is okay, but have no consistent reasons why it is okay.

It’s simple: they want Israel to fail. Note how they talk about all of the things they are against and all of the things they want to dismantle or destroy but they don’t really tell us what they have in mind to replace them. They’ll say things like we’ll have equity or whatever but don’t have a plan for how that will be achieved. They assume that by making it harder for white men it will mean everyone else will not only catch up but surpass them. The truth is, they can make it harder for those who will succeed under current conditions but those people will simply work harder and be successful regardless. White male privilege, if it is anything, is a learned state of mind, attitude or set of values. That’s what the woke don’t understand and it’s why all of their so called ideas and policies to uplift disadvantaged people will always fail. Just look at any successful immigrant. Did he become a success because some green haired non binary person held his hand and told him he was special or was it because he had belief in himself and the willingness to work hard?

The left and the right are crazy and it seems like the fringes are becoming more and more powerful. You got this type of WTF thing constantly. Meanwhile the other side is still hoping the military overthrows the government and appoints their leaders and will probably vote for history’s craziest conman again in 2024. One would think with access to more information than ever people would gain intelligence. We were all wrong.

Might just be time to pull the plug on this whole internet thing. And not plug it back in.

Have you seen the ethnic demographic in Isreal? A large portion of them are dark skinned, you’ve even got the Ethiopian Jews… They’re black.

If you put me next to a Palestinian chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (regarding skin colour that is).

You keep saying this as if there’s some policy, rhetoric or outcome equivalence to draw today in 2021. The last time I asked for an example you produced page 14 of a voting bill in GA as your evidence. This was after a great deal of badgering, I might add.

I’m going to guess that you can’t do much better here, so let’s steer the thread back on-track.

On a state/local level I think a few things are in play, as this lady is far from the only fringe leftist holding some kind of elected office.

In simple terms, conservatives completely failed to get a competing message out with most immigrants to Maine. Not all, but most. Some, like me, came pre-packaged with conservative values and opinions. We have many more that came with no real understanding of American politics, and the Democrats had policies that this new population found more appealing. Not all, but most.

This is unsurprising and still one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to politics. Voting your way into stuff without any further effort on your part has always had its appeal, and I can’t blame anyone from Somalia or any other war-torn hellhole for accepting an offer like that.

Nor can I blame them for organizing themselves into voting for more.

Maine is a rather insular chunk of land, or at least more so than anywhere else in the USA that I’ve lived or done work in long enough to get a feel for the locals. I have liberal friends, and one of my best friends could be accurately described as a revolutionary socialist who professes to believe that the Democrats are conservative capitalists with few meaningful differences compared to Republicans. He still spends a great deal of his ample free time working to elect Democrats.

He’s a well-educated professional. He’s extremely good at what he does, and rightfully successful because of it. He’s lived life by what most will agree are traditional conservative values, aside from never taking personal responsibility for another human being’s well-being. I think that’s a big difference, and a big reason why “childless liberal” is not an entirely unfair stereotype, especially talking about 40+ year-olds.

He also volunteers his time with The Poor People’s Campaign. You can google it if you want to learn more. I once mentioned I’d be happy to volunteer my time to help poor people too, and suggested that he send some my way who would like help with their resume’s, practice in a mock interview, or were perhaps unaware of the many well-paying jobs open locally. I have many contacts in manufacturing and supporting industries who are looking for workers who are ready to work and ready to pay them well.

I was told that The Poor People’s Campaign had different ideas about lifting populations out of poverty. They intend to achieve this via policy change designed to address structural inequalities brought about by systemic racism. Again, if you think I’m being unfair or hyperbolic, please refer to their website. The Poor People’s Campaign doesn’t mention useful skills anywhere.

I think my good friend represents the general ideas and general good intentions of most Maine liberal voters who were born and raised in the USA. The further you get away from Portland the more conservative Maine becomes, but the population thins out really fast. A few hours north and you’re in the Northwest Aroostook, where about a dozen people live in an area larger than Delaware.

We all live in Maine, where nothing bad really happens very often. This is the bubble I was referring to. Our “bad parts of town” are normal cities and towns in most other states. I suspect few of them have been to the South Side of Chicago, let alone observed the worsening conditions taking hold over my lifetime. This consequence-free environment allows for the cultivation of all sorts of wild ideas and even allows for the belief that these wild ideas will somehow make things better.

All without a shred of evidence and despite all evidence to the contrary.

The social reinforcement is also a major factor. Being an open conservative in the Portland, Maine area will exclude you from quite a bit. Being an outspoken leftist will not, and will get you attention, validation and even elected to office.

If there’s any doubt whether the politician named in the article is genuine with her sentiment, well, just check out her twitter. It doesn’t seem like a politician using hyperbole to emphasize a point, nor could I begin to ascertain what the underlying point might even be.


Speaking for myself, I’m thinking about coming out of the closet as an open conservative. I’m even thinking about becoming involved in local politics. I’d rather be playing computer games, fishing with my kid, writing on T-Nation, bouncing at my local bar, getting smashed by the nastiest black belts around, or even doing 20 rep squat sets than getting involved with government again, but here I am. THATS how bad these nut jobs are. I don’t want them calling the shots on anything where I live, but they are.

Do you? Does anyone?

Jews are seen as white. In the US, when people use the term minority, they don’t include jews or Asians.

That she can call America a racist, xenophobic nation and that’s her truth you have to accept regardless of how you feel. But if someone like Trump calls Somalia a shithole, which is not his truth but the truth, he’s a racist. If a liberal like Sam Harris criticizes Islam, he’s a racist. It’s almost laughable to hear team fragility talk about how they are going to hurt people’s feelings.

There’s also some dude (presumably) walking around the West End beating people with a club at night.

I’ve heard that some residents of the West End have been working on organizing a contacts list so folks have someone to call in the event they’re a victim of the West End Clubber. The individual leading the charge has some training in crisis counseling I believe. They’re hoping to reach the folks that need help but don’t feel comfortable going to the police. I’m sure the Clubber will understand.

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I’ve not heard about this. Do you have a link? This sounds exactly like something that would happen in Portland, Maine. It would be equally unsurprising if the West End Clubber turns out to be a homeless 19 year-old who clubbed another homeless 20 year-old with an artisan-crafted sandwich that resembled a club from afar.

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Beautiful stuff

But by all means, go into politics! Speak your mind, can’t implement change by being apathetic towards everything political as is the case with Aus.

Start another thread if you think you can make the case.

Might do just that… Eventually. Finally on semester break, I imagine now is the appropriate time for a 72 hour nap!

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I think you’ll learn a lot from making that argument. But when you do, make it yourself.

Don’t just link a bunch of other people’s thoughts.

This is a thread about politics in Portland, Maine.