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What Happened in Portland, Maine?

I know we have at least one poster in Maine, wtf happened? How do you elect a bunch of psychos?

I love this quote:

“City Councilor April Fournier urged Portlanders to show compassion for Sheikh-Yousef and use the moment to create a better understanding, instead of furthering divisions by engaging in a public back-and-forth. She said people need to make room for others to speak their truths, even if one disagrees.”

Their truths? So slander and hate speech no longer exist because they are someone’s truth. I don’t think the woke left really knows what they are saying.

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This is the dumbest phrase in “wokeism”. Truth is not subjective…

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It’s a weird kind of Newspeak or something. Opinion becomes truth and belief becomes fact. But it only applies when the “truth” aligns with woke doctrine. A minorities “truth” is fact and a white man’s facts are racist.


It isn’t just the woke crowd. The right recently started the “alternative facts” thing. Not saying that makes it okay. Both sides are wrong here.

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That’s definitely true - just another term for the same stupid phenomenon.


I think a lot of the blame should go to the general public. Many just accept this stuff. It is kinda why I like T Nation as a news source (as crazy as that sounds). Different perspective on each topic. If someone posts a “their truth”, or “alternative facts”, it usually gets called out.


Highlights the lack of critical thinking skills of the general public.

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I think some of it is the birds of a feather flock together. Easy to not think critically if nobody challenges your views. I find actually having discussion with others moderates my view tendencies.


Here’s what I don’t get: you have a woman who, had she stayed in her part of the world, would be treated like crap. She would not have equal rights. She is from part of the world that still has slavery and is the part of the world that started the trafficking of black Africans as slaves. You could almost say they have Arab/Muslim supremacy.

This woman is allowed to enter the USA. She immediately has all of the rights that women have in this country. She can get an education. She can speak and go out in public without fear of getting a beating. She won’t see slaves. She is much safer than if she stayed where she came from. She has the opportunity to get into politics in a country where she was not born. She should be kissing the Statue of Liberty’s ass and thanking god the Founders were people who decided that civil rights actually mattered. That later generations expanded on that belief to the point that someone like her can come here and be successful.

Instead, she craps on this country and calls it racist, just like that other scumbag Ilhan Omar. Looking at where they came from, and where they are now, it’s almost insane for them to call this country racist, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, anti-diversity, etc. I’m not saying America is perfect and that there aren’t racists and vestiges of systemic racism but coming from these degenerates it’s ridiculous. I know so many immigrants who feel fortunate to be here and who love this country but maybe it’s because they didn’t feel as if America owed them anything more than the chance to succeed and didn’t expect a handout. In other words, they didn’t have time to invent things to complain about.


There is a bit of a difference. Kelly Conway explained alternative facts as additional facts or another side of the story. So in theory, alternative facts should still be facts. In theory.

“Your/my/his/her/etc. truth” is calling opinions or feelings facts or that they are on the same level as facts. Unlike alternative facts, and this is where it becomes dangerous and not just silly, it is how kids are being raised and taught all the way from kindergarten to college. You have the possibility to prove an alternative fact wrong but not someone’s truth. Not only that, you can’t question it; you must accept it as fact. Liberals are supposed to be the party of free speech and open discourse. They are supposed to be about freedom in academia. This concept of truth goes against freedom of speech as you are not allowed to critique someone’s truth. You are not allowed to say things that might hurt someone’s feelings.

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I think most people just do it anyways. Maybe I am wrong here.

This is the test: if it’s a field or work environment that has a lot of women, then you need to keep quiet. Education at all levels would be a field like that.

I am only willing to engage someone if I think the person might change their mind, and it is a thought that will potentially influence actions. Or it is the internet lol.

And this, this is the crux of most social issues today.

Everything is relative, so when life is good and easy, little problems seem much bigger. But when life is hard and a struggle, little problems are not even considered problems.

Life in the current USA is crazy good. So little problems are treated as big problems because there are no big problems to compare to.

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And you would think that people from places like Somalia would be most aware of that and be grateful.

How long did they live elsewhere vs how long have they lived in the USA. Folks get used to their environment quickly IME.

I think 5 minutes in Somalia would be enough. Omar and the woman in the article both came here as teens I think and both spent time in a refugee camp so I think they know how bad their country of birth is.

Thats the thing though- when they were in those camps, or in the war torn country, in the moment they might not have been all that much less happy than they are now because that was their normal they had gotten used to. They still had bad days and good days, just like they do now. Similar reasoning to why famine stricken 3rd world countries sometimes have a happier populace than 1st world countries. Logically they know those countries were objectively far worse to live in, but emotionally they still feel similar highs and lows.

On the NPR podcast “The Hidden Brain” there was an interesting show on how people process suffering. They interviewed and studied victims of torture, war, abuse etc. What they found was that the length of suffering actually didnt matter. All that people remembered was that they did suffer- so whether a victim was tortured for a couple hours, or days or weeks, a few years on they all had a relatively similar recollection of how bad the suffering was. It makes sense to me- I have had instances of physical/mental suffering that lasted only as long as it took to drive to a nearby hospital, but ive also had to unexpectedly overnight in mountains and drag my ass out the next day… both instances of suffering feel equal to me now that im years removed.

Point is, I think its unfair to tell someone that they should be happy now, because they experienced worse conditions previously. Human psychology is a strange and powerful thing.

Maybe not happy, but happier. If it wasn’t that bad, then why did they go through the trouble of coming here? Omar is unaware that the opportunities and freedoms she has here do not exist in the part of the world she escaped from? When she says America hates Muslims, women, people of color, immigrants, she is unaware that she is all of those things yet, she is now a congresswoman? Again, America is not perfect but these people make you wonder why Americans aren’t moving to Somalia it’s so bad here. And the reality is America was designed so it can improve but where she came from it can only get worse.

Any chance its a politician using hyperbole to emphasize a point? Seems like hyperbole is used by darn near everyone when discussing politics these days, with actual politicians leading that charge. I blame Newt.