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What Happened? I'm Serious, What Happened?


Before I start, NO! Not trolling. Okay, on to post.

Sunday night something happened that initially I though was going to be really cool, I had always though it would be cool to do it before, but after Sunday/Monday/tonight, it really was just scary/weird/gave me the damn jeepers no kiddin'.

On average I get about seven hours of sleep a night. Work days/95% of the weekends I sleep 11:00-6:00 to 12:00-7:00, depends on when I fall asleep but I don't use an alarm. I can always expect to wake in seven hours, sometimes less or more. I get right out of bed when I wake if it makes any difference. I'm a night owl, I have a ton of energy at night, always have, I could work from the time I wake from the time I sleep and only rest when I sleep, not bragging, just showing that I have a lot of energy during the night, even after lifting.

So once every month or less I take a trip to town on a Saturday night for friends/party/girls. Those nights are my acception, with me falling asleep sometime around 3-5 AM and sleeping until about Noon. So I have always heard the stories all the men tell me about how they worked a full day, went to town, smashed vag/beer/fistfight ect.. Whatever, got back to work as the sun was coming up, shower off, put the work clothes on and put in another full day of work, no sleep. One guy even says: "Oh yeah man, two, three days without sleep was normal shit for us we just pushed it hard." (<---whatever that shit means)

And I was always astounded. I do have much energy at night, but when my body decides to crash, I crash hard, and have to sleep no matter what.


So Saturday I went out, ate supper, went against my better judgement and drank a couple beers at a hangout, stayed around for a couple hours just to make sure I was good to drive. (Yes dammit,lightweight, as light as they come, I can tell a noticeable difference after two beers, even though I know I can drive after two, I choose not to risk it, the whole Zero Tolerance thing here is enforced). NOTE: ONLY SUBSTANCES I TOOK ALL NIGHT, nothing else, food and beer. I only mention beer to give you information so you can possibly tell me what happened Sunday night.

So then I drive home. Get home, sleep four hours, go to work, go home, hangout in my house, lose track of time, braiding rope, hands busy, mind busy, I look up, it's 6AM. WDF! Okay, hasn't ever happened before, put the work clothes on and I worked all day today, I took an hour nap in my truck on the road before a neighbor woke me up to see if I was okay. Then, worked until Seven PM and now I am at my house, the time is 10:42 PM and I know damn good and well I can stay up until the sun comes up tomorrow, I am as alert as ever, no caffeine since lunch time.

I started to really get the creeps earlier today, even called a friend for a reality check, he said I was cool the whole night, and I KNOW I WAS. I didn't take anything. But how come I havn't crashed yet? How come I'm still going strong for almost three days on less than 8 hours sleep?

Has this ever happened to you?

It's buggin' me out because I don't know if I should roll with it and stay awake and work in the house or if I should lay down and make myself crash.


Beer have any connection? (I'm 99% sure it absolutly does not, but that's the only thing I have taken lately that my body would even remotly find foreign.)

No workout stack shit, no uppers, no caffeine pills for lifting or anything, I had one cup of coffee today.

WDF! This can not be healthy.


Judging by this post alone, you are not ok and need sleep.


you need a tl;dr tag.

I read it but your writing is all freaked out and rushed.

You haven't slept in how long?


Someone slipped you crystal meth in liquid form. I applaud whoever did it.


Slept one hour today roughly 10:00 to 11:00.. but before that all I had was about 4 hours on Sunday, when i got home around 4AM.


It goes like... FRIDAY NIGHT-normal sleep schedule
SATURDAY NIGHT-I got home so late Ill just Say:

Could the one hour of sleep I got in my truck today have helped me out? I did remember feeling slightly better after that, but not exactly normal. Feel great right now, feel like I could square dance with a bear. But earlier today, around 10:00 AM is when I called my friend for reassurance. That's when I was weirding out the worst, I think I may have had some paranoia going down around that time because a couple times I stopwatched my heartrate and checked it for consistent beats/also for rythym. So looking back maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought, maybe I was just working myself up because I kept telling myself how alert I was and how tired I was SUPPOSED to be. Right now isn't so bad, which is making it a little weird because I KNOW that I am supposed to be tired. How could I not be?


Not trolling dammit I swear Can I Get some input? I mean what do I do? I have no med history but ThIS HAS GOT TO BE WHAT PARANOIA FEELS LIKE. Dammit do I sleep? Or roll with it? I mean if I sleep Ill be good until tomorrow what if it keeps happening? Should I just make myself get as tired as hell then crash for sixteen hours?


You sound like a crackhead


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I would try and sleep I if you can and it sounds like you think you can. Have you heard of these things called "Doctors"?

I remember reading posts from another guy on these boards that sleeps much less than the average person. But given that this is abnormal for you, it could be something hormonal or god knows what.

Schedule a doctors appointment and try and get some sleep. Speaking of which...


Are you a machinist?


I think some people just don't need that much sleep. I know a guy who works at a bar all night, has class during the day, lifts every day and eats like shit. He doesn't even schedule sleep, just naps whenever he gets a couple hours. And he's still strong as fuck. I've seen him bench 335 for 2 at 165 pounds.

  1. go drink a glass of milk and GO THE FUCK TO BED!!! (mot sure if its your writing style or what but you sound sleep deprived).

  2. If it happens again go talk to a doctor.

  3. Don't drive. You probably are more dangerous than a drunk person behimd the wheel.



I want more threads from the OP.




Yeah, I'm thinking you should see the doctor. I think someone gave you drugs without you knowing because as you said you're a lightweight that buzzes off of 2 beers so I think someone fucked with you.


Sucks when your bipolar kicks in, ride it baby ride it. Its called a manic phase, write a book or somthing. Just dont let the government know what you are doing........bad things can happen.


I resemble that comment!!


^ :slight_smile: I have personal experience myself. I couldnt help it with this thread.


I wanna know why you were braiding rope?