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What Happened / Dave Tate Diet Project?


No updates in the last two weeks.

Anyone know what's going on with it??


im also curious


I was under the impression that the updates would be spaced out much farther than a week apart. Patience, guys.


In the real world, there's not much to report after 2 weeks of dieting...


When will they be posting his baseline test results and stats?


Exactly. The artcle came out on Thursday, 3 weeks ago now, and stated that Dave's baseline test results would be posted in next Thursday's article (which should have been up two weeks ago)

Hopefully we will get an update soon.


Slow down and let yer pup suck, guys. JB is a busy man, and he has his hands extra full with Big Dave Tate.

Anticipation is half the fun... or at least that's the bullshit my mom told me on Christmas Eve! (For the record, my Tonka truck was more then half the fun)


I was under the impression the results would be posted every 8 weeks. I guess it would be neat to know if he isn't throwing up after meal #3 yet.