What grip should I use with Front Squats?

I want to add front squats back into my routine and I’ve heard varying theories on how to grip the bar. Please let me know how use guys grip the bar while doing front squats.

I do them the same way Oly lifters do them, like I’m doing a clean (not with my arms crossed).

Use straps. It’s the best way, it doesn’t hurt your wrist and it’s safe.

i use a front squat harness. i’m trying to do a lot of weight and don’t need any unnecessary stress on my arms.

As an Olympic-lifter I have seen many different ways to grip. Some keep a fully closed hand on the bar while others let their hands open a bit. Still others just keep two or three fingers on the bar and let the clavicles support the weight entirely. Try a few out and go with whatever is comfortable.

I started with just two fingers on the bar, then continued to close my hand more and more as I got more flexible. I can keep my hand completely closed around the bar now. Also helped when I learned to keep my elbows up when I front squatted, then I quit bitching about how they hurt.

I’ve heard people mention using straps, but I’m not sure exactly how to go about it. Any tips on strap use? I’ve done arms crossed and I’m likely going to use the power clean catch position for this week, but I would like to try out strap use, since I’m trying to build the quads and not drop the bar.

Ok, here’s how it goes. Wrap the straps around the bar (the same way you put them in your wrists). It will look like the bar has two ropes attached to it. Position the bar in your shoulders as usual and grab the straps to keep the bar in place. You are going to be using a kinda hammer grip on the straps and your elbows should be kept high.
I don’t really know if I’m explaining this in a clear way, maybe some other people can help. If you don’t get it, let me know.

By the way man, I use this technique because it’s the only one that doesn’t hurt my wrists and feels safe when using some weight. The arms across the bar doesn’t give me enough stability when using heavy weights.

Erniko, thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a try on Wednesday and see how it feels.

I hold them in a racked clean position across my front delts. I like holding the bar this way because I also do cleans of various types, and because I don’t need any special equipment.

If you don't have the wrist flexibility to hold the bar this way, you can practice by putting a bar in the squat rack with a little weight loaded on it, then hold it inside the squat rack. Stretch your wrists out this way and eventually it will become comfortable.

Two other ways you can hold the bar until your wrist flexibility improves - you can hold your arms straight out in front of you and let the bar rest across your front delts, or you can cross your arms and hold the bar with your hands.

What harness are you using? Ive seen the Sting Ray (I use a Manta Ray), but it sounds like you’re using something different.

not sure exactly what we have in the gym, but there is one advertised in powerlifting usa by power atomic, inc. 781 581 6929. its a harness that goes from your belly to over your shoulders with two posts sticking out the front to rest the bar on.