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What Grinded Your Gears Today?


Ordered my third Sony SBH20 today (first one is the wife's, second one has to be RMA'd, and this third one will be the spare).

SECOND time it came with a Euro charger instead of a US charger...


My boss asking dumbass questions as usual.


Being too damn good at my job and now everyone at work knows it and, like, expects me to do shit. Like, c'mon guys, all those message boards aren't going to make snarky comments themselves and all this shit is doing is getting in the way of that. Sheesh.


This dude wanted me to lift off/ spot while he did incline bench today. I know it's akward to reach back there, so I agreed.

Brah calls me over, gets me up on the spot platform, grabs the bar, the spends like 2 minutes getting set. Then does some weird fake-out shit where he looks like he's about to go, so I lift, then he doesn't go. So I relax. Then he goes.

He worked up to 365, so this happened like 6 times.


People who say, "you don't understand, you don't have kids."

Right, so exactly what qualified you to have kids? How long did you spend at university before they let you have them? Oh right, nothing qualified you, you just got fucked! Literally all you had to have to do was have unprotected sex. Not exactly difficult to do.

Maybe in like 50 years if your kid's won a Nobel Prize then you can lecture me, but let's face it, there's a lot of kids out there and not many Nobel Prize winners. Just admit that you're making it up as you go along just like every other parent does and every other parent will. You're not an expert on raising kids just because you got drunk and used an expired condom.


Interesting. So your belief is that every child is unplanned?

No parent has the ability to read and learn while they are raising kids.

Your bar is set that the child you raise has to win the Nobel Prize.

So if they were second place then the parent of that person still has not learned how to parent?


God damn, this is funny. I hope you knock someone up while you are still this young and stupid. If that happens, please please please let us know how much it turns out you actually knew about raising kids.


Shut up old man, you dont know shit, you were drunk and just broke a condom.


way to miss the point, grandad. Senile dementia's a bitch


Eli Roth's new movie. Like 12 years ago I paid to watch "Hostel." It sucked. Green Hell is gonna suck. Cannabil Ferrox, the movie he copied sucked too.

Apocolyptco was pretty cool.


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Dumbass engineers that can't listen and communicate effectively.


Incredibly dumb people I work with who can't have an idea of their own and who are going to have the same diploma as me.

The fact that an email about an yoga class at a very good price with 12 spots was sent to the whole school, a few thousands people, a week before the start and that I was able to get the last spot a day before the start. There's only maybe 2 students and the rest are employees. Fucking disgusting sedentary lemmings.


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This piece of shit:


1) My company won't let me hire people to do the work to fulfill my $20M backlog.
2) My company won't let me hire people to staff my 14 field operations jobs this season.
3) I just got a call from one of the sites having issues because they have refused for 15 years to take the necessary preventive maintenance precautions to keep their equipment in good working order, thus obviating the need to call me at 1AM.
4) Virginia football continues to be a complete embarrassment. How can we win the Capital One Cup and be this bad at the highest profile sport?
5) After a year and a half trying to sell my house, we finally did and the contract on our new house fell through, so we (me, wife, 4yob, 2yog, Yorkie, cat) are living with my in laws (MIL, FIL, BIL-26, BIL-23, Husky). That's right...6 adults, 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, and a cat in a 4-br house. Further, my sister put her house on the market on Wednesday and they're already under contract.

Of course, I'm happy for my sister. I don't want her to have to stress over anything. I'm thankful for a place to live, especially being free. In the grand scheme of things, football doesn't matter. I'm thankful to be gainfully employed.


I have to deal with coworkers who don't want to do their PMs. Last week i got in a heavy argument about it....fuck

....a lack of any sense of "teamwork" at work, that grinds my gears


Also, people who text you and expect you to read their texts, but never read or respond to your texts.


How about yoga students who outlifts you? That must grind your gears.


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What if the yoga students who outlifts you is a pro-choice leftie?