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What Goals To Set

Right now I’m 6’0" 210 lbs at about 18% bf. I’ve got a long way to go. I know that the right answer right now is to build muscle, alot of muscle. I just want to know what weight I can expect to see my muscles filling out, given my height and assuming that I don’t explode in fatness. Should I start seeing serious changes at 225? 250?

Just curious and eating and lifting big.

depends on your build body fat etc


I’m 6’0" 210 with 18% bodyfat. if keep the same bf% at what weight would it be reasonable to assume that i would start filling out?

Your goal really has to be something tangible.

Mine was easy to set… lose fat. I set intermediate levels as well as long term targets. for example… this month I’m 198lbs, next month I want to be 190lbs as a short term goal. Long term I would like to be down to 170lbs.

If along the way I think that the target is not realistic, then I modify it. Again. If I get to 180lbs and find I am down to 10% BF my goal may change to adding 1" of muscle to my arms without increasing the bf%.

You really don’t seem to have made up your mind what your actual goals are. Until you do get a set goal it will be hard for people to advise you.

Good luck in whatever you decide though.

Thanks for the reply slam dog. Basically, I want to get big and strong and stay at around this 18%bf mark. My only question is when will I start to fill out given my height, weight and bf.

My ultimate goal is 250 at ~15%.

[quote]chillpzico wrote:
My ultimate goal is 250 at ~15%.[/quote]

Sounds like someone I know. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t resist.

Attach some pictures so we can see what you have to work with!! :>


Given that you are a beginner, you could stay the same weight and put on significant muscle while losing fat. Six months of solid training should def. be noticeable. One year more so. Five years to turn you into a beast.