What Gives?

Now I am new here and have lately been catching up on some of the old articles. I just read a return to the golden ages and I was a bit confused.

Now I myself like fullbody w/o’s better but 30 min give me a break. I have read many post/articles that state that all you need 3 30 min sessions a week to have a great body then people give examples of old body builders like sergio oliva and steve reeves, but I read that steve reeves would workout 2 to 4 hours at every session. Are the authors/posters lying or am I getting false info?

One of Steve Reeves full body routine:

He trained full body
workouts three times a week, doing about 3 sets for each
exercise. He choose mostly basic exercises that worked the
part of the muscle he wanted to bring out.

Steve Reeves once wrote that 12 reps is the ideal number,
but never at the expense of good form!

Of course he had great genetics, but he also trained the right
for a natural bodybuilder.

Exercises of Steve Reeves

  1. Shoulders - Press Behind Neck
  2. Thighs - Hack Squat (toes pointed at ‘ten and two’ heels closed)
  3. Calves - Toe Raise (on block of wood at least 6" thick)
  4. Chest - Dips on parallel bars
  5. Back - Chin behind neck
  6. Triceps - Pressdown on lat machine
  7. Biceps - Incline dumbell curl

I also read about a few of his extremely long routines but from reading more on it, it seems to have occurred only a few times and mainly when he had not touched weights for close to a year and got back in shape for one of his last contests. Mind you that is ALL he did, no job or anything, this is all he had to do. It was not for an extended period as well, less than 3 months.