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What Gives Cottage Cheese Casein Like Effect?


I've heard its good to eat up before bed.

Just curious what makes it a slow digesting protein?

Is it the fat content?

Do certain brands actually label casein as an ingrediant? Because mine never has.

I did a search but never found anything regarding ingrediants. It was always should I eat it and yada yadaa.


milk is naturally a mixture of whey (fast digesting) and casein (slow digesting). To create cottage cheese, the whey is skimmed off leaving only the casein behind. It does not have to do with the fat content. Casein won't be listed as an ingredient.


adding peanut butter would only increase that "casein like effect"


Awesome :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answers


Milk is roughly 20% whey and 80% casein.

After making cheese (any kind, including cottage), whey milk gets left behind as a byproduct.

So we end up with a whey-free product (cheese).

PS: There are of course a few cheese-making processes that don't include removing all the whey from the end-product, but usually most types of cheese are whey-free.


The casein in cottage cheese gives it a "casein like effect". Amazing, huh?


So this casein, you're saying it's similar to casein?




It's hard to believe really.


this just doesn't seem reasonable to me.