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What Gets You Motivated?



Was wondering what is is that gets all you guys out of bed on those cold dark mornings to hit the gym and eat like freaks..

and also is there anything that makes u get in the gym more... like a boost?

for me my best and most angriest session is always a sunday, because i go out most saturday nites, see all these stunners realise i cant have them, see them with losers, go to bed angry and wake up and destroy myself in the gym.

i also get motivated by pure competition.. like lifing in the gym with someone with the same strength as me... i always try to get that last rep out, that extra 5kg over him..

any thoughts..?


The thought of being able to attract more penis.


To the O.P. I feel you ...thats my motivation alot of times. I also motivate by sticking my chest out in public at work and people thinking im done and thats as big as im gonna get. And when I see the same customers/co-workers a week later who I havent seen I just keep shoving more size in there face and making it look easy all the while by smiling and talking real soft. Hahaha I wanna go lift right now !!! YEaaahhh


Pussy. That's the #1 motivator for men. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol... well basically i just got fucked over by a chick...

i wanna go murder some iron ASAP but the gym is closes. so im in the gym at 9am (shit opening times) tomoz and i havnt got class untill 12 so i will be going mental. its chest day... so motivated to set a PB on the bench.

is it good to train angry? or should it be "cool head, firey heart"

i usually have a semi cheat meal on a sunday... but i skipped it today and went for a HIIT session instead.. wanna get lean for the summer and be able to walk about with the top off and make her fucking jealous. i no thats not what this site is all about but im in that state of mind right now!

even more motivated to reach my goals now and ive added one in, i want a cap for an my country before the end of the year!


I just think about being able to go up and grab that rebound up there where no one else on the court can reach..

Or being on D and in the paint and the other guy tries to post me up, leans back into me and realizes "fuck, this guys solid"...and he leaves the paint and drifts off behind the 3pt line safely away from me(and the basket)..

Or going for the groundball and seeing someone from the other team going for it, lowering my shoulder and just blasting him to the ground..

As you can see I play lacrosse and basketball, my motivation is 85% about my performance on the field/court.
I'd be lying if I didn't admit the other 15% is totally about impressing girls and having something to show when the beach season gets here haha Go get em' guys!


same in rugby.. no better feeling than a guyy the same position as you going to tackle you and you fuck him up with a sholder to the face..

also no better feeling than hitting a guy so hard in a scrum he goes down and has to be taken off..

as u can tell im slightly angry atm..


By setting my goals, writing them down, keeping them where I can see them, reading them out loud every morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep, then busting my ass to make them real.


yea... im going to get a picture of me in a pair of shorts.. and blow it up and put it above my bed.. with the words "is this wat u want?" across the top!


good post. same for me.
initial motivation was seeing my gut hanging over the front of my shorts and the realization i was getting older.main motivation now is knowing i'm stronger fitter and look better than at any time in my life and most guys half my age.


I got inspired by an article CT once wrote where he says he wanna be the superhero of his own life, which I can completely relate to. Watching all those movies with cool superheroes... I WANNA BE A SUPERHERO TOO!

If any of you guys can remember the name of that article it would be sweet, since I'd like to read it again. Some of the things which is in it: CT writes about that he sits at a coffee bar after a workout and a person asks him why he is training and trying to get bigger all the time, and he gives him some bad answer, but after thinking it through he realizes what he SHOULD have told him: He wants to be the superhero of his own life. Maybe the person isn't asking him at that coffee place but he is just thinking at it while he sits there drinking his coffee... can't remember exactly, but it's something close to that.


My motivation.......... I just look at my avatar


My motivation is the fact that the notepad with my last workout on it has been taunting me since I hit the gym last telling me I can't possibly do better, I'm done for. I keep telling it I will get better, stronger, bigger. Someone gets proven wrong 9/10 times... it sure as heck isn't me.


Apparently CT wasn't the author of the article I'm talking about.. anyways, it was good.


What motivates me is the challenge to lift more and more. The 365 lbs of pain from deadlifting. It's pain that just feels good.

The reward: Achieving one sexy ass physique.

When i get bored of it, I just take an extra day off. That day off feels like forever and I just get hungry for it more then ever & want to back at it again


Me, I'm a combat medic in Iraq. I can't claim to be the strongest, nor in the best shape...my motivation is to be that guy. I want to be the one in the uniform people see and think to themselves, "Damn! I wouldn't want to F@#K with that guy!"

Also, I'm a married man, and my wife doesn't really work out, nor does she need to, she's a model and naturally looks that good. She's got the genes of the relationship. I want to look as good for her as she does for me. It's out of pride really. She gets hot looking at me now. I just want her to be impressed by me even more.

I'm 6'3", 250#, and I swear sometimes it's half fat...My goal? Gain weight! 6'3", 260# or 270#, less than 10% body fat....
That'll probably take me years to achieve...but every day's workout counts, right?