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What Gets Better with TRT?

do people undergoing trt find their appreciation for music, art and film increases? i used to be so into music but now i cant even focus. weird how i play in a few bands and still struggle with really connecting with anything/anyone. do feelings of love return? over all sense of well being? self image?creativity? these are all things i struggle with. i also have intense deperonalization/derealization. i just want to feel happy and in my body. and i want to feel confident in the bedroom. ive struggled with ed and libido for many years. it waxes and wanes but has never been optimum. just wondering how it has improved any of these things. id really like to get my life back in all these areas.

Speaking for myself…my bodyfat decreased, my muscle mass increased, my libido went wild, my erections became very hard, my overall confidence went up, my restraint from speaking my mind went down (not a good thing to have at work), my risk taking (speeding, etc.) went up. I really no longer get hangovers any more, I don’t really get muscle soreness after the gym.

Looking back and based on my lack of facial hair and body hair, I think my Test has always been sub-optimal. Now that I self administer, my levels are supra-physiological but my health is still good. I get regular physicals, no high BP, no high cholesterol, no prostate issues. My Dr. doesn’t even know I self treat. She just thinks I eat right and go to the gym.

By the way, I just turned 53.

Yes. When I was overseas, I listened to music everyday. After I came home, still listened to music regularly, daily usually. When my T started to lower, my enjoyment of music went with it. I have again began to listen to music and enjoy it again since starting treatment.

I think in general that you will just enjoy life more. More motivation to look better, live healthier. Positive outlook.

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If your problem is low testosterone, TRT can increase the amount of joy in life and this translates into enjoying everything that much more. TRT has improved my creativity, I was never known for creativity. Balancing your hormones can also make it easier to deal with existing mental issues.

You can expect to return back to your self.

For me: at age 55

  • colors were brighter
  • lost fat while eating more
  • weight did not change, fat loss equaled muscle gain, without exercise
  • sexually I was unstoppable, wife had to put the brakes on
  • was more sociable, with low T I had social avoidance
  • good looking women who were pretty from an art point of view became objects of lust
  • more energy
  • more initiative
  • more tolerance
  • noise intolerance resolved
  • hunger that could not be satisfied was really a lack of protein in diet/snacks
  • E2=22pg/ml was mission critical
  • hCG solved testicular shrinkage and 24x7 dull ache
  • my always sparse facial hair filled in
  • more body hair, but my low body hair is still that way
  • penis became thicker
  • the mood/depression of low-T was replaced with optimism
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How long did that take? Asking for my wife… LOL I’m serious though! :slight_smile:

Lol. The most important thing. Lol.

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That varies. I even read some guys get a tad longer. Depends how long you were deprived testosterone.

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