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What Gear Suprised You When You Took It?

What gear, that after taking it, surprised you by the outcome? Good or Bad, like if you assumed it would act on your body a certain way from internet hype, and surprised you one way or another, good or bad???

Test Cyp at 200mgs a week has me at an 1187 for Test levels. Confirmed by my last blood draw on this past Friday.

Dhb, dihydroboldonone aka 1-test. One week into a cycle it looked like I had gained ten pounds and everything had a permanent 3/4 pump. That still gets me when I use it. It’s like BAM! You get this look. It’s a great lean dry gainer that I would recommend everyone that likes trying new compounds give it a try. When I stack it with tren and of course a test base then about 3 weeks in I feel like I am made of granite. There is nothing like it! Even at low dose you get the extra pump look but the gains are not as good obviously.

I’ve been really interested in DHB but had never heard anyone using it in reasonable doses. What’d you run it at?

I have run it as low as 225 per week. It was in a 75 per ml concentration. Then it was 325 for a couple of cycles. Now that I made the switch to home brew I am about to run a 400 per week with a 10-20% overdose. Basically when I brewed I held out a few mls to use to flush out the filter after I filtered the batch. I was using a new filter type and realized after I filtered this kind might hold half a cc in the filter so I didn’t flush. I intended 100 mgs per cc with a 10% over but with the held out mls I am thinking I am around 114-119mgs per.
I am excited for this next cycle. The batch of test has already been pinned and no infection or out of the ordinary PIP. The dhb has held for a week so I am thinking next week I test pin it. I didn’t want to test pin two different things at once in case one was off, I wouldn’t know which one.

Did you really feel stronger from that? I find I need at least a TT of 2000 and Ft of >80 to notice any real increase in strength at the gym and even then it take 4week at those levels to notice a difference over my normal 120mg/wk TRT lvl.

OP I don’t do anything without a T blast but I have really enjoyed taking Cardarine liquid not the powder 20mg before breakfast on gym days. The endurance is really noticable giving me an additional 30 minutes at the gym with some heavy lifting.

Dhb is the one compound that i dream about. The problem is sourcing it. I see i can only source it one way that i can put any faith in the source at all. For my other post we know that I’m just getting ready to go into my second cycle so I’ll stick with EQ but I definitely want to run dhb that one is intriguing to me for some reason it just has this Aura to it for me. How long can you run that compound do you stretch it out like you would boldenone?

Yeah I’m not into sarms I really don’t pay that much attention but cardarine and ostarine seem to be the two that are the most talked-about. I mean can you really get gains without using gear from these chemicals does it last does it stay I mean I’m really in the dark about this I need to do some research on it but I’m still young into the stuff that I’m doing right now I really don’t want to go exploring 50 other chemicals to put it in my body it’s bad enough that I got the drug habit I do just kidding

My Test levels were at like a 250 pre-TrT . So yeah, I do feel stronger in the gym. And that is only from 200mgs a week. I have been at that protocol now for about 7 months.

This was my TT before TRT

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A few…

Deca has had fewer side effects for me than what most people seem to experience. I do keep dose low with it.

EQ is more effective than I think most people give it credit for. It’s a really, really good drug for strength, and overall appearance.

Anadrol treated me better than expected, considering I know a lot of people report negative sides with it.

I think Epistane is a better overall steroid than a lot of people give it credit for, most likely because it was legal for so long. It’s probably my second favorite oral next to Dbol.


Did not know it would make me crazy. Did not know it would make feel 18 again. Did not know it would make me feel hungrier than ever before. Did not know I would love something that did all of these thing to me! :slight_smile:


How did tren make you crazy?

At what dose do you like the epistane?

Basically, all of the things I described. I couldnt get over how energized I felt and how horny and hungry I was all the time. I mean it was my teens all over again except with an old body. My wife said it changed me, not sure if it was anxiety or what but she didnt like me on it. I did 2 blasts, trying to convince her I would be better the second time. She asked me to stop before I started my last vial.

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Lol. My good buddy is running Tren right now and I’ve never seen him like this. Just super super happy and excited. Bouncing off the walls talking about how strong he feels.

Are you going to take the plunge or have you already?

With Tren? No. I havent and dont plan to anytime in the near future. I like my Testosterone. I’m not gaining size the way I’d hoped I would but I have been increasing my lift numbers so I cant complain.

First time I ran it, up to 40mg per day. I haven’t gone above 60, and still seen good results.

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I almost included tren in my list, for basically the opposite reasons.

Killed my appetite. felt like shit. got the tren cough baaaaad every pin. I ran tren ace for about 2 weeks before I had to stop. That’s the first drug I’ve done that I’m putting in the ‘forever no’ list, for myself. Plenty of other things I can take that are at least as effective for what I do.

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