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What Gains to Expect?

 I'm 5' 11.25" and 17 lbs. 17 years old.

Yesterday in scouts this gold gym's guy came by and did a "four point" caliper test thingy and said that I had like 14.5 percent body fat. I heard that isn't always the most accurate, but that's that.

I've been working out for a while already, sort of off and on.

But I'm going to try to workout tuesday mornings and saturdays because that's when I have the most time, and if I have time on thursday's I'll try to fit another workout in.

I'm gonna be doing fullbody routine's with basically all bodyweight exercized because I workout at my house.

Some of the excersizes will be pulls and chins, planch and front lever progressions, dips, some push ups, pulling myself to my bed by a rope (like a row) leg lifts, I have one of those crazy ab wheel things, these things where you bend your side to exercize the obliques, bodyweight squats and lunges, calf raises, and the exercize for your hamstring where you get your feat held and lean forward as far as you can.

I know some of those descriptions were sketchy, but that would be like the exercizes.

I remember calculating my calorie needs once and it was like 3000.

So I'm gonna try and eat a big breakfast (like a 1000 calories), then at school I'll eat a burrito and choclate milk and break and lunch (another 1000), and then when I get off of school have another snack and meal for another 1000.

I'm skinny so I'm not going to worry to much about how fatty the food I eat is.

Yes, so this is my plan.

Yes, so with this plan does anybody have any ideas about how much I could aim for gaining in three months, because that is when that 24 hour fitness dude is coming back, so I figure I'd check results then.

Also if you have any bodyweight exercizes I could add in, or any key muscles I'm missing, or some diet ideas.

Any questions, just ask.

Thx a lot.


looks like u need to eat more than that, remember the ideal day consists of 6-8 meals. sounds like u'll be eating only 4 from what you said.


Is that supposed to read 117 lbs or 170 lbs? If you looking to eat 3000 kcal, I'm guessing it's 170?


I'm 117.

I'm confused...one person told me I should eat more then the second said that (I think that he said) that 3000 cal is too much for a person 117?

I'm trying to get bigger, if somebody thought I'm trying to cut down, if for some reason you thought that. I'm not sure though.

So do I eat more or les?


You are 6' tall and 117 and you are wondering if you should eat more or less?

Go directly to McD and get 2 double cheeseburgers. Stop at DQ and pick up a parfait for desert. Repeat.


Using your stats, I worked it up to be about 2700 kcal. So 3000 kcal may be high, but if you're 117 lbs I wouldn't be worried too much about it.

To give you an idea, when I first started bulking I used JB's calculations and came up with 3000 kcal for myself. I started eating 3000 kcal a day six months ago. I've gained 40 lbs on it and I'm still gaining using the same basic diet. The only difference is that I shit a whole lot less than I did six months ago.

So I was overeating when I started, but thankfully I didn't put on much fat. I just spent a lot of time in the bathroom.

Granted our metabolisms and daily activity isnt' the same. So you have to figure out what works for you. I'm up to 175 right now and still gaining on 3000 - 3500 kcal a day, but my job is REALLY low stress and low activity. My workouts are the only real physical activity I go through.

If you're an active student, then you might find that you need extra calories to make up for everything you're burning running to and from class, doing PE, playing sports, etc.

The best thing for you to do is get a notebook and write down EVERYTHING you eat / drink for a few weeks. That will give you an idea of what you need to eat in order to maintain 117. Add about 250 kcal a day to that (basically a healthy snack - high in protein). If you don't start gaining after a week or so, add another 250 kcal.


I'm really sorry, but I have to call bullshit on this one. How the hell can someone be 6 foot tall, 117lbs and 14.5% bodyfat?

What gains can I expect from sort of working out twice a week?

This just doesn't add up to a serious post.


Dude... wtf?
This is one of the oddest posts here. Some guy trying to get by with some light weight wimpy, almost aerobic stuff, at T-Nation?! T-Nation is about big, heavy iron plates on a bar, being hoisted almost haphazardly and then being dropped back to earth! Damn boyscouts!


I've seen worse.


wow when i saw 17 thought he meant to say 170 lbs.. 117 lbs and u said ur 14.5% body fat. im pretty sure ur lieing or u used the calliper wrong


You must hang out in Mutant City, then. This guy weighs as much as my wife and is 8 inches taller than her.


I could belive that he is 6ft 117lbs at 14 % bodyfat quite easily; I've heard of worse. Anyhow mate, I second eating more, you are seriously underweight if those stats are true. I hate to bring BMI into things because it is a load of shit if you're an athlete, but since you're really skinny it might get the message across. BMI calculations would give you a rating of 15.3, when ideally men should not really be below 20. You would have to get 31 pounds heavier to be considered a healthy weight for a male. Amazing eh? But it can be done, most definately. You are in such a position that if you apply correct nutrition, and training you WILL make gains and good ones at that. I can slightly relate to your situation, because of the progress i have made. A year and a half ago I was 14 113lbs at 5ft 7 and 11%BF. I am now 15 175lbs 5ft8 9% Bodyfat. That's a 60 pound gain of lean body mass, and it was easy.

I guess us teens have an advantage starting young since our bodies are changing so quickly anyway.

So mate read as much of this site as you can; this may not sound like good advice, but 50 articles down the line, you will realise what you have to do for sucess.


Please shut up. Of course I mean that in the nicest way. 3,000cals may be a bit high? There are literally 6 foot skeletons that should weigh more than he does and you even use words in ways to slightly suggest he needs to be worried about eating too much? These kids logging in like this are either lying, trolls, or there is a large epidemic of manorexic she-males growing right under our noses.


i bet u dont feel too bad about my post awhile back now prof, right? lol


If you line up the chickens I ate this year, that's about 6' and 110 pounds. But the total fat is probably less than 14%, coz I like my chickens lean.

Seriously though, 117 lbs??? is that possible at that height and bodyfat % ? It just doesn't seem possible, someone must be getting something wrong.

If it is true I would like to see a picture, also keep track of progress. It would be an interesting case study.

If there is nothing wrong with you illness wise, and you train and eat right, you should get an incredible transformation from what you are used to, if you really are those stats. And you have definetely come to the right place.

In fact you might want to consider sponsorship, because your transformation from what you are now to what you will be, will be a real seller.


Um...is it possible that this is a female? The poster doesn't say otherwise...


I haven't even seen too many 6 foot tall 117lbs females.


wtf? For one thing I clearly told him I wouldn't be worried about it being too much because he's 117. Secondly, I'm 5'11" 175 and I'm gaining on 3000 or so day. Not everybody needs to eat 5000 calories a day to gain weight.


Keep in mind the kid's bf was taken by 'some guy from golds gym' who showed up at his scout meeting. Sounds like a rep from the gym went to the meeting to lecture on health, do a demo, and try to drum up some business for the gym. Doubt very seriously that it was an accurate test.


Well I haven't seen too many 6' tall 117 pound males either. 6' tall is only slightly unusual for a female, but 117 pounds is crazy skinny for a 6' male.