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What Fullbody Workout To Do?


Hey, so I'm a beginner in the sense that I haven't really used much of my noob gains. I've done SS, and Max-ot, and am on PRRS right now.
I'm pretty much still really weak. I know a pretty good amount of info about bodybuilding and correct form, etc.
So I'm mentally not a beginner to weight lifting, but I am physically still a beginner.
My main goal is to really add some muscle mass without too much fat. Strength is good too but my main priority is mass, since I am very skinny.

Can you recommend any fullbody workouts that are good for gaining mass?

Also I am 14 years old, 115 pounds, 5'5", and 15% bf


Eat dude. It’s what it comes down to. You are young and still developing.


What about the routines?


[quote]Th3KaNgSt3R wrote:
What about the routines?[/quote]

As long as it is one numerous people have had success with do it.

Eating should be your primary focus and lifting secondary.

Since you are 14 it is my humble opinion that you simple EAT, sprint, and do body weight movements until you are 16. I’m sure someone more experience than my self will chime in. But eating is going to be your main focus if you want to gain weight.


[quote]Th3KaNgSt3R wrote:
What about the routines?[/quote]

I think your best bet would be west side for skinny bastards + a whole lot of food. No matter what routine you are doing, if you are not eating you will get nothing from the routine in my opinion. Can google search it and I’m sure there has been threads about it on T-Nation itself.


Look your 14 an you weigh 115lbs, dude just go with a tried and true program like starting strength and take the advice from what the other people have said an EAT! you don’t need to look for a magic routine, because A there isn’t one and B weighing only 115lbs any typically good beginner routine is going to work if you eat a shitload of good food. You certainly havn’t become to advanced for the typically good beginner routines such as starting strength so milk what you can from that and eat heaps of good food and volia you’ll grow.


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