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What Free T Level is Normally Achieved on TRT with a Private Doctor?

Can someone please confirm what the ideal free t number is when on TRT privately. I am UK based but welcome answers from all over the world.

In the UK the normal range is .35 to 1.20nmol/L (10ng/dL to 34.6 ng/dL) Does that mean one can expect to be around 1 to 1.20nmol/L (29 to 34 by/dL) on TRT?

The “ideal” range is really an individual thing. Yeah doctors will monitor your levels but a good doctor is more concerned with symptom relief as should you. The levels you end up at are kind of secondary.

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On rare occasions I see men ordering lab testing because of curiosity and levels come back <200 ng/dL at 21 years old and the guys has zero symptoms and is a healthy young man with a robust sex drive and no problems building muscle.

You ask for optimal levels and according to the experts this would be between 20-26 pg/ml, but this doesn’t apply to everyone. Your SHBG levels are a big factor in where your Total T needs to be to have these optimal Free T levels.

It’s really more about Free T:T %. I believe 2-3% is considered the ideal.

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I rather have 2-3% of 800 than of 350.

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Thank you @systemlord

My SHBG is in the mid/high normal range at around 42 nmol/L (400 ug/dL).

I am having a hard time converting to nmol/L which is used in the UK. You mention 20-26 pg/ml is the ideal free T level. I can’t seem to find this unit of measure (pg/mL) on the two conversion tools I use.

The above is the highest free T I have achieved out of 4 blood panels across 2 years.

My Historic and Current Free T Levels:
27 Feb 2017 .175 (fasted morning)
06 Mar 2017 .35 (fasted morning)
25 Feb 2019 .363 (fasted at 11am)
22 May 2019 .218 (non fasted 8pm)

The ideal range in the UK I have been told is between .5 and 1.2 nmol/L for Free T, but this range was given from a TRT consultancy firm in the UK (Balance My Hormones) who profit from me going on TRT. I therefore want to compare this range with the US and what their top TRT specialists believe.