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What Form of Dumbbell Row Do You Normally Use?

I have always used very strict form on dumbbell rows (knee and other hand on bench), but recently I learned to use a more power-oriented version like in the video below at 5:04, but I do not pull up the dumbbell up this high, more to the lower chest region instead.

Any and all. If it improves your bench, great. If not, dont.

Just like banging the fat friend, Kroc rows send you straight to heaven.

I like just regular 1-arm DB rows. Kroc rows are good too when switching things up.

Totally off-topic but when she said, “Ohr whatevah” I laughed.

Notice the dude’s knee at 4:54? Weird.

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
Notice the dude’s knee at 4:54? Weird.


I know a girl who’s left knee looks just like that. Said she broke it playing basketball years ago and that’s just how it healed.

I use a modified tripod stance (shoulder width) with my empty hand braced on dumbell rack or bench and feet staggered a little. If I’m rowing with my right hand I place my right foot about 1ft further back. I pull to my hip and tap the floor on the stretch just to make sure I’m not shortstroking.

I’ve noticed pulling high(armpit area) like I see a lot of guys do seems to work more rear delt, traps, rhomboids on me and that’s why I pull to my hip… in a arc. Pulling yo my hip seems to hit my lats down low.

I switch it up from the low to high version to keep it interesting though.

To me that knee just looks like a extremely developed “teardrop” at angle that exagerates it appearance.