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What foods raise/lower Testosterone? Is there a rating like GlycemicIndexRating for carbs.?

Just as certain foods affect blood-sugar levels as in The Glycemic Index, ARE THERE FOODS THAT RAISE AND/OR LOWER TESTOSTERONE-LEVELS. I do not mean supplements as I understand and respect the claims made from Biotest. I mean specific foods and what sources can be cited? Is there a home-test or testing gadget like a GLUCOMETER for testing TESTOSTERONE-LEVELS? Obviously, SOYBEANS are anti-testosterone-affect and I have heard peanut-butter has plant-estrogens in it too but I have never been able to confirm this claim I have observed on a few web-sites. I am concerned with, however, PRO-TESTOSTERONE FOODS!!! (((( *** I am sure there are back-issues of t-mag.com that might deal with this issue BUT could you re-visit these concerns in a detailed manner? *** ))))

Benny Anthony
Kansas City, Missouri

do a search on T-mag for the article “Eat like a T-man”