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what food best..?

i’ve read thru heaps of other posts online - and a heap of replies that slap-down the foolish and naive. hoping i dont get the same treatment…

i’m in need of some dietary advice. about to start at business school. confused as to the best food types to consume during the day to keep my calorie levels up. 4500/day is my regular, which has been easy to do as a free man for last 12months, but now…? also, will be training 7.30pm instead of 3pm, so any advice as to the best ‘energy giving’ substances prior to a later workout appreciated too.

i know what foods work, etc. just not sure how to put it all together with school in mind. I mean, I dont wanna drop out of school just 'cos they cant feed me enough, right?

Get a big ass cooler. Cram food when you get a free minute.

You need to stop reading posts and replies and get to the previous issues section. You will find a ton of ideas on food combos from Berardi and others. We need to know more about what you do now for meals- food types, meal timing, number of meals etc. Do you have a basic idea on how to set up your eating schedule around your classes etc? Do you plan on bringing all your food to school or buying some on campus?

You need to get seriously organized here. Like Ike said, a cooler bag is a must, get a ton of food containers and start meal planning. Prepare food in batches once or twice a week and everyday just head to the kitchen and start building your meals from what you’ve already prepared. Depending on the length of your school day, time between classes etc. you need to schedule in enough meals to cover your nutritional needs as well as your caloric needs. Always a challenge.