What Fixed Your Shoulder Impingement?

I’ve had impingement in my left shoulder for years!

It’s got 50% better by restoring proper mobility & flexibility in the whole shoulder girdle, but it still prevents medium to wide Olympic bar (pronated) benching.

I’ve changed both shoulders appearance quite dramatically from internally rotated to pulled back. This was done through a combo of much more horizontal rowing than horizontal & vertical pressing + tons of stretching.

I’ve done 3x the volume on both vertical & horizontal pulls vs. their pushing equivalent.

It’s a lottery whether overhead press irritates it, even with dumbbells elbows 45 degrees from forward.

What’s fixed it for you?

Has surgery shaving the acromion shoulder bone helped?

Thanks all

Shoulder dislocates as directed by Dante Trudel


Lots and lots of band pull aparts and face pulls.

Stopping wide grip chin ups.


For me, stabilizer exercises combined with Meloxicam (Mobic) for the inflammation. The inflammation really slows or prevents healing so you have to knock it down somehow.

Sub-acromial decompression surgery is no longer recommended for shoulder impingements. It has the same outcomes as placebo surgery.

Exercise-wise, are you doing any reaching/serratus anterior training?

Chin tucks and chiropractic care

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Lots more upper back work. Chest-supported upper back rows. Rear delt cable flies. I also cut back on pull-ups and vertical pulling in general.

Dan John has referenced hanging as something that can fix many shoulder issues. Also, Dr. Kirsch has written about this method.


For me it was learning to not use my shoulders so much in chest presses and adding some internal rotation exercises to my every warm-up.

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I think the takeaway from this thread is that lots of strategies work for shoulder pain. There is no one-size fits all approach to managing the shoulder (or really any joint), and it will probably take personal experimentation and reflection to find a management strategy that suits you


Seems so! Lots of good things to try in this thread. I’ll try one at a time & see what helps.

I’ve started the shoulder dislocates :blush:

i get shoulder pain at bottom range bench incline and shoulder press , i can still lift close to 100 percent max weight if i push through the pain , is this impingement

How would the answer affect the way you manage your shoulder pain?

Shoulder Controlled Angular Rotations (CARS). Basically you stand close to a wall and move your arm in a circular motion, like you’re drawing a circle in the air with your fingers. If your shoulders are whack, you will be far from the wall and your circle will be small. As you develop shoulder ROM and mobility, you can move close to the wall and make a bigger circle.

As you go through the motion you’ll find tight spots, or parts of the motion that you’re not flexible enough for. Then you can put your hand on the wall and kinda stretch out the tight area and figure how you need to adjust your posture or pack your shoulder or breath/brace correctly to get your into that ROM.


After your mobility is improved you can start using a band to add resistance and begin loading that tissue. At 1::11 you can see dude hold onto the band and let it extend his arm, then work in small circles, using all his little shoulder muscles against the band.

I still do these as a warmup to shoulder day.

More than anything though, just letting my scaps move with everything else instead of pinning them back was the game changer.

This is freaking gold. Sad I’m just now reading your post.