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What fish oil to take?

I am new to Tmag. I have been taking some Flax oil to get some good fats, but I keep reading about fish oil too? What does it do and what is a good brand?

By the way… I love this site and thanks to all the T-crew who post so much. I get so much from the forums.

Welcome to T-mag. I can’t tell you which brand to buy, but fish oils are invaluable not only as an exercise supplement, but for health as well. There’s an article called “Fats Roundtable”, please read that. Use the search engine from the main page - not from the forum page.

I second the machine, but also look out for a new Biotest fish oil. Berardi mentions it in this weeks A4D. I’m sure it will be a great product, surpassing all the competitors.

I take health from the sun “total efa” 16 1200mg caps daily divided into 4 doses.