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What Fights Will We See in the UFC 2018?

I’m hoping to see:

Weidman vs Rockhold II
Gustafsson vs Jones II
Hunt vs Werdum II
Dos Santos vs Overeem II
Miocic vs Ngannou
Winner of Miocic/Miocic vs Cain Velasquez

The people whom I want to win are the names I put first in the match-ups.

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Good thread idea, fights I’m most looking to see next year just off the top of my head are

Khabib vs Tony Ferguson
Connor Mcgregor vs Anybody
Amanda Nunes vs Cyborg
Anderson Silva vs GSP (It’s still my all time dream fight)
Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar
Mighty Mouse vs Killashaw

Interesting thread idea.

I’d like to see (that hasn’t been mentioned already):
GSP vs Thompson
GSP vs Woodley
Cormier vs Miocic (I realize DC has dropped down to LHW, but I think he’d make an interesting match-up stylistically for Stipe)
Jones vs Miocic
Dilliahaw vs Cruz 2
Edgar vs McCgegor (never gonna happen, but a guy can dream)
Whittaker vs Rockhold
Mighty Mouse vs anyone (just love watching him fight)
Rose vs Joanna 2

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Man I wish we lived in an alternate universe where DC stayed at heavyweight and just wrecked everybody as a black fedor. I still dont believe there are more than a few heavy weights that would have ever beat him.

McGregor vs GSP. Probably won’t happen as it is a terrible fight for McGregor. But since he is proving himself a showman rather than a real mma champion this fight is somewhat possible. It would certainly make a lot of money.

And as long as I am here…

I’m interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on Ngannou vs Stipe. Stipe has some good grappling skills but will he be smart enough to actually use them to his advantage? If he tries to stand and strike for 5 rounds I think he’s in trouble.

I will predict Ngannou by KO within 2 rounds.

What are some other opinions?

When a fighter has two options in a fight, in this case Stipe can stand or grapple, they don’t always choose the best option. And there is no way to predict what they will choose.


We’ve had a few fights now. After the first quarter of the year I’d like to see:

Hunt vs Werdum 2 double retirement fight
Bisping vs Weidman (these 2 have been going at it and both lost to Rockhold)
Cain vs Volkov
Ngannou vs Lewis
Gustafson vs Rockhold
Lesnar vs Struve