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What Feels Better Than Test?

Hi guys been away along time.

My experience has been with D-bol and Test-E.
I didn’t like D-bol and Freakin loved test.

Without going into to much detail I was thinking about another injectable that would give me similar effects of test but with less sides.

I have heard people say deca gives them an unstoppable feeling at the gym, I dont want to go tren, I know little about EQ except about the hunger but all these can be researched on the web.

My question is for psychological and physical effects similar to Test, what is the best alternative? Your experiences.

What side effects did you get from test??

Oh screw it.

LOL… Bonez jumps on so you bail the fckkkk out! haha. ok, I dont think anything out there can replace testosterone fully, but testosterone itself. Testosterone is the ‘male hormone’ and our body’s produce it naturally. taking that away and putting deca in its place or eq, will not cover all that test dose IMO.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
What side effects did you get from test??[/quote]

At what dose?