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What FEDERATIONS Do You Guys Like Best?


And wich ones do you not like?Im looking for raw lifting feds,or federations that have a raw division ATLEAST...Never trained in gear and dont like the idea.Not putting it down its just not for me.Ive comp couple times gym meets and APF wich i did raw and EPF wich was a raw fed and nicley run...So far i may stick with epf.

I want to compete in about 3 months when ive shattered my prs...SO going to start looking at what meet to jump into and want to find a competitive large number meet to motivate me to take it to the next level...


It might depend on where you are located, and what feds have a presence there.


North east…Usually most federations will hold meets across the country at different times…For now I have membership in the EPF wich again its a decent fed. and has some unreal lifters.The meet i did was small and not as comp but sometimes they have bigger meets.They have one 18 yr old raw squatting 850 or something around there.He’ll be one to watch out for.

Despite that curious to know WHAT FEDERATIONS do lifters(competitive)here compete in and if more than 1 pros/cons.Does anyone feel there is one federation that is above others as far as being competitive alot or elite lifters ect?I want to compete and want to compete against the best.I think everyone should inspire to and will bring out the best in some when in that type of atmosphere…Ive always placed 1st or 2nd but would like to see where i end up in a meet where there is more lifters and more exp lifters.


Whichever one is hosting the meet closest to me.


Ecchastang is right that there are a lot of feds who only operate in certain areas. But I really like the RPS personally, no annual membership fee bullshit, they have divisions for different equipment (raw, raw w/ wraps, single ply, and multi-ply), the depth judging on squats was consistent at the meet I went to and they use mono’s


The ones who judge like the IPF and don’t use monos, except if it’s for multiply.


I like APF and NASA. They are fun.

USAPL sounds good too cause it’s legit but they’re always too far away from where I live.

I don’t like IPF (crucify me) because they are ridiculous about squat depth. You can get someone with hips bellow the knees and they STILL red light you.


Thanks for replies never heard of RPS?Ill check it out…Its a pain to change federations and pay multiple membership fees on top of meet entry fees ect…


I agree there has been some crazy stupid judging, Johnnie Candito showed some crappy decisions in his video about changing squat form.


UPA, USPA, APF, SPF are good. Ive done USAPL and 100% raw before and never will do one again.


I’ve only done one meet and it was SPF, very well run meet and lots of fun.

I know they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to squat depth, but I squat deep and I’m not competing against others only myself so it doesn’t matter. Plus, I live in Arkansas and SPF meets are the only thing I’ve found around here.


[quote]cparker wrote:
UPA, USPA, APF, SPF are good. Ive done USAPL and 100% raw before and never will do one again. [/quote]
Funny about the USAPL …Im pretty sure thats the one I had posted a reply on another board to a bro who was juicing and entering an all natty raw fed.It was USAsomething pretty sure USAPL and i questioned him about how he planned on passing the drug test,his reply was something like trust me bro im not getting tested with a winking smiley emoticon (or whatever they’re called lol)
So i fig f88k that training natty and raw dont want to lose to someone on anadrol lol…When I hit 4 raw bench ,650 dead,ect i may jump in the deep waters though lol


[quote]cparker wrote:
UPA, USPA, APF, SPF are good. Ive done USAPL and 100% raw before and never will do one again. [/quote]
Also curious why youll never do the 100% raw/usapl again?Bad judging unfair?Un organized ect>?


Why not 100% RAW. I’m signed up for one of their meets in febuary is the reason I ask.


^^^what state is the meet at?By feb i should have some prs…


Virginia. It’s Feb 21st. My two brothers that I coach are competing.


I’ve only competed in AAPF (tested APF) and I’m not a huge fan. I didn’t like how the tested and untested divisions competed right alongside each other because it becomes much harder to figure out who your actual competition is. I also didn’t like the 24-hour weigh-ins and the fact that knee sleeves are not allowed on the squat. All of this has led me to not want to compete AAPF unless there’s really no other option.
From what I’ve heard of other feds, I’m pretty sure USAPL / IPF will be my go-to fed. Two-hour weigh-ins, strict squat depth and long bench pauses (if it passes in IPF it would pass in any fed and I squat deep so I’m not worried about not hitting depth), knee sleeves allowed, and walked out squats are all things I like and are all things IPF offers. I also like the direction they’re trying to take powerlifting on the world stage, so I’d like to support that if possible. The only problem is their presence around where I live is not nearly as strong as the APF.


x2 on RPS. Gene and Ame are well organized.


my reasons for not competing in 100% raw:
the weigh in was day before supposed to be at 5, no one arrived until 730 or later and I had cut water weight

discrepancy in judging of squat depth (which i know is blase to hate on) but I saw alot of high squats past but was redlighted, and have never been redlighted even in USAPL which is supposed to be stricter

they misloaded my 3rd attempt squat

the handoff guy for bench didnt move away for the judge so i had like a 10sec pause on my 2nd attempt

they gave the wrong weights to people in the DL flight causing the guy behind me to miss his DL attempt cause it was my 3rd

and i cant confirm but I think the meet director was drunk

cant use knee wraps in raw and thats how I’ve been training lately, they dont put on many meets around me and TBH i just think they are getting too strict


SPF: My go to mainly because it is the most prominent where I am from. Literally a meet almost every 2 months within a few hours drive of my house. If you compete raw then the judging is usually fairly strict and consistent especially when the Millers or Brandon Lilly is judging which is more often than not. Before anyone says it no they are not known for the deepest squats but they do require you to atleast break parallel nothing more and not by a mile.

Probably one of the safest feds I have ever seen. Mono/Safety Chains and 3 spotters on every Squat Attempt, 3 on every Bench attempt head spotter is not required to leave the platform the head judge will move around to see, and a usually one judge to the back if you like to pass out on DL like I do lol. Great guys, great atmosphere and just all in all a fun fed.

USPA: comes in second. Have only been to Steve Goggins ran meets. Only comes in second due to not using a mono or DL bar.

RPS: have never compete here but have seen 2 of their meets and seem very well ran. Plus not having a membership fee is always nice.