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What Extras to Add After Cycle to Best Help Maintain Gains?

I am ending my first cycle as indicted in another thread, and I am not going on TRT even though I am 45 (since wife and I are planning to have one more child). I made some ok gains even on lower dose of 200-220test/week + HCG. Now I would like to try to keep as much as possible like everyone else. I am not at my genetic potential, so my hope is to keep a large percentage.

The obvious things are continued good diet and pushing hard in workouts. Since the test will be out of my system soon, maybe there are a few things that can help bridge the gap between cycles.

I will continue taking a multi-vitamin + zinc + mag daily.
I will continue with whey protein daily.

I saw a youtube video suggesting MK-677 and GW-501516 as a bridge between cycles, but I am not sure they will help much for the cost I can get them here. Are there some obvious things to add or consider that actually make a difference that are not too costly - maybe creatine or ???

Honestly? Your results will depend on how well you recover and your diet and training. Beyond that you don’t need much. Good nutrition and proper sleep will go a long way. GW is interesting but I have not used it and likely will not. Cardarine is either wildly dangerous or maybe less dangerous, depending on who you ask. I’d stay away.

Thanks for your reply.
I know genetic recovery + good diet/nutrition + good training + good sleep is a lot of it. I was thinking maybe there was something else obvious that I was missing (certain vitamins, herbs, etc?) that helps between cycles, even though nothing can make up the difference of the missing testosterone.

There are lots of things that are promoted to help build/maintain muscle, but I know most of it is just marketing. I used creatine on/off 10+ years ago and thought that might be worth adding back to protein shakes.
I was hoping with all the experience on here, maybe there was a consensus of extras that actually make a difference for the periods while off AAS.

Magnesium has helped with my sleep, so that’s good for recovery. But otherwise I don’t use much in the vitamin/supplement world. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Everything has been said. As someone not on TRT myself, it’s just a gamble. You’ll probably lose half at least no matter how perfect you are.

Have you used Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s)? I use Kion EAA’s and love them. Not the same as BCAA supplements which from what I’ve read are worthless. Supplementing B12 in it’s methylated form could help with energy and wellbeing (I use Solgar methylcobalamin sublingual 1000mcg). Like Iron said Magnesium glycinate 400-600mg before bed really helps with getting /staying asleep and helps with things like anxiety the next day.

What about creatine… that’s like… a solid staple supplement

Sure, some are non responders… but give it a try, it’s one of the most effective otc supplements available

Unflavoured creatine powder is seriously gross tasting btw… just be aware of that

I wouldn’t bother with the MK677. I tried it out and it was not worth the money IMO. Due to the major appetite increase I got water retention and some fat. It also made really me lethargic. I didnt notice any strength increases as a result of it either. Save the money for some good whole foods and supps.

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Specifically the cell tech brand of creatine… celltech will blow you up…

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Cell Tech is loaded with sugar. 30g for the recommended daily two scoops.

Seriously? I didn’t know that, I was referring to it because it’s a meme (of which was started by Ronnie Coleman)

If someone asks if you’re on gear you say “no, it’s dat dere celltech”

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I will read more and check out these and see if they are available here for decent price. A lot of stuff is imported with heavy taxes/markup. Whey protein is 2-2.5 times more expensive for the exact same product in the US. Luckily, my wife has connections in a pharmacy to get heavy discounts, so maybe I can find these 2 items as well.

Well, I was leaning towards getting some creatine again and seems that others agree, so I will start adding that to my whey/banana shakes as soon as I get some.

I’m guessing it will not affect anything to take it during PCT?

Thanks for your reply and personal experience. I will probably be lethargic enough coming off the test. It is very much less interesting if you did not see any strength increases and is also a bit pricey here. Monthly it would cost 6-8 times that of test…since test is OTC cheap here.

No prob man. Good luck!

I have been doing some reading…What about Boron?

HGH, best thing to keep gains after cycle.


I read and heard this on a few youtube videos as well, but I think the cost may be prohibitive. My wife is checking now, but she thinks the only one available (legally) in pharmacies here is Genotrophin. It is $120 and hard to find, but checking for quantity that you get for that price and can it be obtained without a prescription?

She did get some creatine for only $9 for 500grams (1.1lbs) with discounts which seems like a pretty good price. Hopefully, this one is ok? It seems most monos are fairly similar.

I would’ve thought that at the dose you mentioned that youre coming off there’s a good chance you mightn’t lose much anyway. 200-220 per week wouldnt put you THAT far above normal range of free T especially at your age. HCG daily for a few weeks straight into clomiphene and tamoxifen and you never know…