What Exercises to Maintain Current Size Yet Increase Strength?

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That’s not an and/or situation. They’re two different goals that are best achieved with different methods. Figure out your a specific goal before figuring out a plan to get there. So, how would you measure improved strength? Three strict one-arm push-ups? How would you measure better endurance? Doing 100 reps in a row?

Then it kinda doesn’t matter if weights would help.

No. That wouldn’t really help either goal.

Only if your problem is fat loss.

Generally you would want to periodize your training. Do something like a 4-8 week mesocycle, week 1 start out with high reps at 40-50% or so of your 1RM, next week go to 60%, then 70, then 80, and basically work up to doubles or triples on your sets. Deload, then repeat. You’ll find this to be one of the most optimal ways to not only increase strength as an intermediate or advanced lifter, but you’ll be doing endurance work concurrently in a symbiotic way.

Just use a simple 1 second tempo. 1 down, 1 pause, 1 up.

My 2 cents, seems like you’re a stud but at some point your size won’t increase without something else changing (more calories, a creatine cycle, etc). Bit of a myth there. Also, you don’t need formal weights to pull of resistance training. I used to use chains, rocks, cinder blocks, etc. That said, if you’re afraid of exercising outside in sunlight b/c you might get hit by the 'rona virus you probably won’t find a way to make it happen…

Why does this entire thread feel like I’m trying to read another language?


Man, I started to type out a reply, deleted it, started again, deleted it.

I have no idea where to start with this. I guess Chris asked the most relevant questions, and without a response to ‘how do you define strength’ I have nowhere to go here.

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You could replace bw squats with lunges or single leg squats + you could do feet elevated push-ups and finding some way to do some kind of rowing movement would also be useful.