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What exercises should I stay away from if I have 2 possible herniated disc?

Well it’s not certain the Doctor said that MRI are expensive and unless I would consider getting surgery there is really no point in getting one. He said from the x-ray and my movements in may be a bulging disc at L4 and L5 or possible herniated. I am currently in rehab and my back feels great after each session however, I am unsure if I should be doing any type of exercise that involves me bending at the waste with weight. My therapist suggest I stay away from those types of exercises he said my back looks good now but doing the wrong exercises can cause injury that may involve surgery. I just don?t know what exercises he means because he said he is not a personal trainer and cannot give me training advice. What exercises should I stay away from? Dead lifts, bent over rows, squats, lunges? I’m really not sure. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

Well for starters stay away from the exercises that cause pain, hahah. Ever since I herniated my L-5 I noticed alot of T-mag readers have the same problem so you are certainly not alone in this battle. I am pretty sure I am back to normal but it took almost 6 months to get here. My advice is to go to elitefitness.com and check out an article written by Louie Simmons entitled “training for the back”, it tells how Louie came back from fracturing his L-5 or L-4 and what he did to fix it. Reverse Hypers will be a big part as well as stretching. I am sure others will chime in but feel free to PM me with any questions you have.