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What Exercise Is This?

At the gym today, I saw a coach training a young female athlete and I swear this is what they were doing:

Explosive behind the back hang cleans on the smith machine.

I was just walking by, so maybe I saw something wrong, but I am pretty sure this was behind the back. Kind of like an explosive smith hack squat.

Thoughts? Explanations?

Hmmm… sounds goofy to me. I’m not exactly the right guy to comment on this maybe, because I think that Smith machines are kinda goofy anyway. Maybe somebody else will have some better insight?

In imagining what is said I think I hit my tailbone on the way up to clean position with my thought induced loaded smith machine.

Nope can’t figure it out either…must be another crazy squat-curl story.

I believe that is called the Barbell behind the back power shrug on the coat rack exercise. Its a classic for coaches who try to make themselves look good by making up an exercise but it is usually a horrible exercise and at the expense of their athletes. We wont even go on about his use of the coat rack… I mean smith machine.

“Behind the back power shrug” sounds like a match.

So you’re saying you’ve actually seen or heard of people prescribing this!

Normally I can figure out what people are trying to do at the gym, though I’ve been puzzled by a few doozies like the guy who walked up to the unloaded bar in the power cage and twisted it a few times, or the person doing partial reps of perhaps 100 on an unloaded Apex back extension machine.

No I have never seen this. It sounded like a good name. I have used many variations of already existing exercises, and some coaches come up with very creative and effective new exercises. But some coaches think they can reinvent the wheel and it is at the athletes expense.

Here are some exercises that the coat rack can be used for:

Push ups with different grips
Inverted pull ups (body rows)
Band face pulls
Band tricep pushdowns
These exercises can be used while you are waiting to squat in the shrug and curl rack
The best thing to use the coat rack for is to keep atleast some of the sissies out of the squat rack.

I think I posted once before about the guy I saw doing swiss ball dumbell work in the power rack.

That guy gets extra bonus points for the fact that the dumbells, swiss ball, and power rack normally reside in completely different areas of the gym.

Oh, you mean the classic Powerrack swissball dumbell bench press? Somebody should tell him that does not mean he is actually using a powerrack. Then again he probably would not understand.

how about this guy:
About a week ago I saw a guy drag the decline bench (must weight at least 100lbs, no wheels by the way) across the entire gym, though mazes of people and equipment so he could do decline smith machine bench presses.

I wanted to punch him in the mouth for rudely interrupting my, and everyone else at the gym’s workout so he could manoeuvre his ass across the floor while dragging this bench…

I like this hfrog guy. “Muscle with attitude” was the old t-mag credo afterall.