What Exercise Injured You?

I’m curious what exercises are most likely to result in injury. The only time I’ve really hurt myself was from doing deadlifts. I felt the vertebrae in my lower back fold, had to drop the weights immediately, and couldn’t even rack them.

How about you? Of the various training injuries you’ve had, what exercise resulted in the worst injury?

Deads, squats, OHP, hammer curls, max-effort bench presses… these are the ones that I’m susceptible to injury with.

The worst was probably DL. Squat was a close second.

rack chins. Dislocated my left shoulder for the 5th time doing these, during the set up.

Although I suspect it was more to do with putting my weight on my bad shoulder before hoisting myself up on the bench, rather than the exercise itself. I still can’t justify doing the exercise again…

Also DB shoulder press. Partially discloated right shoulder doing these years ago. It popped right back in and didn’t hurt at all but i’ll never do these again.

Deadlift, Squat, Good Morning. Nothing too bad, just strained my lower back.

I’ve had to give up on doing dip because they almost always seem to lead to a tendinitis flare up in my shoulders, other than that, nothing major.

really screwed up my wrist doing power cleans (with bad form) about a year ago. Still hurts sometimes when i do simple things like open a door.

Upright rows gave me a nagging shoulder and minor wrist injury - I hate that exercise.

Doing decline bench presses used to kill my shoulders…Then on flat bench I hurt my rotator cuff pretty bad. Stopped doing declines and still hit flat bench. Never had an issue with my rotator cuff again.

Strained my rotator cuff doing RDL’s.

Developed bicep tendonitis due to chin ups.

Strained lower back doing rack pulls. Thought it was a disc issue. Thank God it wasn’t.

There’s a lot more variation than I would have guessed. I figured deadlifts and squats would be the most common causes of injury, but seems to be across the board.

Sometimes if I’m lazy and don’t concentrate hard enough on squats my lower back relaxes in the bottom position.

As soon as I rack the weight my lower back really aches. The pain goes away after 30 seconds though.

rack pulls. my back was shot for about a month, tho all the rehab I did for it(myself) was a long time coming and now I’m better then ever.

I’ve got that nagging medial elbow pain for the second time now that gets aggrevated from heavy pulling. It’s my bodies way of telling me to do more than 5 reps and pay attention to my mobility and soft tissue work. Bastard.

The barbell bench press caused me so many shoulder injuries that I stopped doing them. Not worth ruining other upper body exercies for one that did not even build my chest too well.

I was doing some sumo deads way back when. I somehow pulled something in my upper back, never got it checked out, but it lasted about 3 weeks.

Slight aside, but I have never been injured doing behind the neck presses even after a dozen years. Moreover, I have never met someone who was actually injured from it. I really believe someone famous with media coverage started a false rumor and this exercise never recovered from its bad rep. It rocks for shoulder development!

I have hurt myself doing:

  • Lunges - irritated the meniscus and patella in my right knee, still recovering from that. Most likely from overuse of the knee.
  • RDLs - have done something to my left rhomboid/lower trap, suffering now with that. I believe I let the form slip, then two days later thought it would be good to finish off a leg session with a couple sets of pullups. Was NOT a good idea.
  • Chinups - It turned out to be more of a postural/shoulder positioning problem underlying it but the chinups aggrivated my shoulders a lot. I needed ART and some time off to fix this.
  • Squats - overdid it one day, wound up hurting my lower back. Put me out of the gym for a couple of months, pretty sure it was just a muscle strain but I still get dull ache down there if I sit for extended periods. Working a desk job makes it fairly unpleasant some days.

ATG squats : tore a meniscus

Box squats : aggravated the torn meniscus (dump)

Military presses : Arched too much, lower back feels weirds since then, I’m resting it…

Any time you work with resistance, you run the risk of injury, it just comes with the territory

[quote]Heavy-Duty wrote:
The barbell bench press caused me so many shoulder injuries that I stopped doing them. Not worth ruining other upper body exercies for one that did not even build my chest too well.[/quote]


I stick to DB bench, BB bench was giving me some pretty aggrivating right clavicular area pain for some reason.