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What Exercise do You Hate the Most?

What exercise do you just dread doing? Im not talking about exercises that you just hate doing because their such as waste of time such as those vag exercises (I nearly fall over in laughter every time I see a guy doing those abduction/adduction machine exercises) but those exercises that kick you in the nuts, steal your lunch money, and call you a b—h ass all at the same time?

For me, its suitcase deadlifts or heavy high rep kettlebell swings. A couple heavy sets of those just totally rock my world.

DB Lunges or Step ups, doing both legs individually usually leaves me winded like crazy (especially step ups)

I usually tend to enjoy my workouts and exercise selections. I squat, dead and do all those compound moves, but I’ve always hated lunges or split squats. I dread these. I used to incorporate them into my rountine, now I just alternate between back and front squats.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
DB Lunges or Step ups, doing both legs individually usually leaves me winded like crazy (especially step ups)[/quote]

I feel your pain.

Pull ups - because I suck at them. I will continue to hate them till I am doing them with 90 lbs strapped to my waist for reps.

Hate makes me stronger.

Power clean and jerks… but I do them once a week anyway cause they’re the shizznit!

Flat Barbell Bench Press - It just pisses me off every time I do them… so I’m stopping.

Any sort of lunges, but particularly barbell - After a few reps, conditioning starts to set in, and then they get HARD.

i hate lunges, so i dont do em.

its not that i hate squatting, but i need to improve my form and whenever i set the bar on my back for too long i lose circulation in my arm.

other than that,i hate side DB raises, i dont do those anymore either, now i do front raises, i love em.

oh how could i forget overhead pressing. wow thats fun lol. i never really get to add weight to it and i always feel weak cause i hear about people doing like 250+ on here and im doing 135 for 7

Bicep exercises

barbell bench

i just started doin them again recently. i am reminded why i stopped them.

you guys hold the db over head when you do lunges or just next to you. and yes I hate pull ups too. I can’t get my fat ass up cause I have girl arms. ugh. oh wait I saw a chick doing them the other night so I guess that just makes me a wuss.

Over head Barbell Squat! and Lunges!

I feel like Im alway off balance while doing those squats but I guess thats the point cuz its working the core! But still I really hate doing them!

reverse hypers

Overhead squat, but only because they make me feel weak.

There are some pretty brutal single leg exercises, but I don’t mind lunges, and that’s enough for me.

My least favorite of any of the big compounds is the barbell bench press. And it’s not that I really hate it, but I definitely suck and it’s the only thing you really need a spotter for, which is a pain.

Lunges kick my ass, we have a love hate relationship. I hate doing them but I love the feeling in my legs after.

The excercises you hate, should ultimately be the ones you use most often, as they tend to be the better ones because they take additional effort.

Probably Lunges, because two reps only counts as one, and a set takes twice as many reps to complete!!

I fucking hate that!

Unilateral work usually just smokes me, but my nemesis has got to be bulgarian split squats. They always make me look, and feel like a weakling.


I’m with J’hova. The first thing that came into my head when I saw this thread was DB lunges… I hate them but they’re so effective.