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What exercise can I substitute for Hanging leg raises?

I’m starting Meltdown tomorrow but tonight I did sort of a test drive, checking out all the exercises and I found out that I can’t do hanging leg raises without my lower back hurting like hell. My back went out on me during a basketball game in HS and while a chiropractor got me back in good condition, whenever I do sit ups for an extended period or hanging leg raises my lower back hurts.

Anyway I just want to know what exercise I can sub for hanging leg raises since I won’t be able to do those during meltdown. Thanks.

How have you been performing them? If with your legs straight, then they are no better than dead lifts–which are terrible for the lower back, and really provide no benefit. Can you do then by raising your knees, letting the lower legs just hang down toward the floor?

yea, do spread eagle sit ups with 10 pound plate behind you head, yea and see a doc or strengthen your lower back!

Stretch your Psoas and/or get some therapy for it. It’s tight and causing the back pain. Most leg flexion exercises design to target the infraumbilicus fibres of the rectus abdominus will likely give you similar problems.

Spread eagle sit-ups, ok I may try that. Also, I’ve been doing them straight legged, just hanging from the bar and going up with my legs, $hit hurts. I’ll stretch my back but I dunno how much it’ll help, thanks.

I have screwed shoulders, and they give me pain when doing HLR’s. When I can’t do any more, I move onto partial dragon flags. They are even more intense on the abs, and I feel they hit the whole core. However, they will probably also give you back problems.

as a side not ive done spread eagle situps several times and every time i try my front hip area (hip flexors maybe?) gets this locked up throbbing sense of pain, ala a charley horse… any suggestions?

a-train , i agree, he needs to work on his lower back(reverse hypers, good mornings,) and allso strengthen his hams cause usually if the low back is weak so are the hammys. and allso bring up the abs to par with the other core areas.

OOPS!!!I meant to say straight leg raises. If anyone ever reads, or hears, me saying dead lifts are anything but wonderful–immediately ignore me (with prejudice).

More clearer: straight leg raises, like leg lifts, are terrible for your lower back. Anyone who says otherwise has not studied the anatomy involved, or simply has not (yet) seen the deleterious results of doing same. About 60% of those with a herniated disk do not know it yet.

It has very little to do with erector spinae strength. The illiopsoas muscles connect at the lower lumbar. Leg raises tend to put more tension on the illiopsoas muscles than the rectus abdominis and when they shorten their effect can be a pulling on the lower spine. This can cause pain in that area of the spine itself or more commonly the lumbar muscles that are connected in this area. Typically, this kind of problem from leg raises and situps is more common in people with a greater natural forward curvature to the lower spine. If I were you, I would probably do Reverse Crunches instead.