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What Exercise, and Why, You Would Add in zzz on this Training Plan?

Minimal Training Plan; Goal: strength

  • Day #1: Squat + RDL
  • Day #2: Bench + Ab-Wheel
  • Day #3: Deadlift + Pull-Ups
  • Day #4: OHP + zzz

All main lifts are already modulated in terms of periodization, frequency and intensity.

My interest: zzz = dumbbell shrugs.
What exercise would you add on xxx as accessory? And why?

I’d add dips or close grip bench to help strengthen the triceps, I’d also add rows to your bench day (yeah, I know you didn’t ask that, but yeah, that’s what I’d do).


Thank you GorillaMon,

it´s a good idea because I can deal with bi-set (or superset depending on the exercise) during bench and ohp. So, in these days, it is possible to add a third exercise.

My main challenges are during the squats and deadlifts. These ones absorb my soul. So, for DL and SQ days, only one accessory can be performed.

rows/ heavy rear delts + tricep isolation work


Horizontal pulls including rear delts, face pulls etc.

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That’s when you should do some snatches. Power snatch from the hang.

Because you like olympic stuff, they’ll hit your mid and upper back plus your rear and medial delts.

Triceps and rows are good too but we’re starting to get unminimal.