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What Exactly Is Hypertrophy?


What exactly is it in complete detail?


Wikipedia? Google?


It's something you get from cereal and drop sets... just messing with you man. Someone can give you a dictionary or textbook definition but it comes down to in our purposes the buildup of muscle.


its the chinese word for trophy

sometimes its also called superhypertrophy


It is the growth of a tissue. Opposite to hypertrophy is atrophy. Working out and eating properly will most likely lead to hypertrophy, while working out and not eating will lead to atrophy.


What he said.

Another interesting thing is that if you look at the greek route words of hypertrophy it literally means an excess of nourishment (nutrition/calories).

Hyper -extra, excess

Trophy - to nourish


Read this first and then ask specific questions.


thanks for the info, thats what I figured, but I seen someone else use it in a different way(acting like it mean the muscles were equally balanced and symmetric).


We would call that person wrong haha. Proportion sounds more like the right term for that.